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Year 7 Tutors


Portrait of Ms Zubairy-Moore form tutor

7C Confucius – Ms Zubairy-Moore

I am Ms Zubairy-Moore, I teach Drama and English at Holme Grange. I have been a teacher for 20 years but taught in different parts of the country and had different roles so sometimes I feel like I am newly qualified as each school is so different! My hobbies are swimming, yoga and well-being. I am a vegan and have many animals. I have dual heritage as my Mother is European and my Father is Indian. I am a good listener and 5 years ago qualified as an NLP practitioner, coach and therapist. I am really looking forward to being a year 7 tutor and I hope that my room will be a haven for my class!

Portrait of Mr Philips form tutor

7P Plato – Mr Phillips

My name is Mr Phillips and I am going to be the form teacher for 7P (Plato). Which is particularly great as Plato discovered the Platonic Solids which link to my subject maths. I have been at Holme Grange for over 10 years (with a short gap half way through) and truly believe we are the best school. Outside school my true passion is horse riding and I spend most of my spare time riding my pony Polly. I also have a lovely but cheeky dog called Joey. I am looking forward to guiding you through the hustle and bustle of year 7 here at Holme Grange. We are going to be part of a great team and I believe if we all, pupils and teachers alike, help each other out when needed, we will have a great year. Have a lovely summer holidays and see you all in September.

Portrait of Miss Callaghan form tutor  

7S Socrates – Miss Callaghan

My name is Miss Callaghan and I am very excited to start Holme Grange as a History teacher in September. After graduating from Queen’s University, Belfast with a degree in History, I decided to move to England to do my PGCE at Saint Mary’s University in Twickenham. I am currently placed in The Holt School in Wokingham and have been given the opportunity to teach across key stages 3,4, and 5 which has enabled me to teach a range of students and meet their differing abilities. In my spare time, I am an active gym-goer and I have a very strong passion for music, both listening and performing! One of my personal achievements is obtaining all my grades in the recorder, including a distinction at Grade 8. I am looking forward to becoming involved in the school community and meeting all the staff at Holme Grange.

Portrait of David Law form tutor

7A Aristotle – Mr Law

My name is Mr Law and I teach languages as well as other subjects! When I left school I became a professional cyclist with a small team in Quimper, France (a bit like playing football for Reading, but definitely not Manchester United). I spent several years in France, before I came back to the UK and got a 1st class degree from King’s College London in French. I worked for seven years at the Financial Times Group in London before becoming a teacher more recently at Salesian School in Chertsey. I have three children who are obsessed with football and support Paris Saint-Germain, Liverpool, or whoever happens to be winning. I still love riding my bike and keeping fit, and I try to combine this with my love of languages and geography, by riding my bike in other countries and over mountains where possible! I’m really happy to be joining Holme Grange in September and massively look forward to meeting everybody!


Y7 Pastoral Support Assistant – Miss Cox

My name is Miss Cox and I will be joining Holme Grange as the Pastoral Support Assistant for Year 7.  I have just graduated from University of Southampton with a degree in Psychology. This is not my first visit to Holme Grange as I was a Pupil here until the end of Year 8 in 2014. In my spare time I enjoy sport (I play Lacrosse and Netball) and travelling.  I’m looking forward to working with Year 7 and gaining experience ahead of studying for a Doctorate in Education Psychology.