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Year 7 Tutors

7C Confucius – Mr Downer


My name is Craig Downer. I have been teaching in Independent Schools for over 20 years and I have been working at Holme Grange since September 2021. I predominantly teach science to years 6-9 along with some boys games and climate awareness lessons. I am currently a Year 8 tutor and had the pleasure of being a Year 7 tutor during my first year, so I have plenty of experience of helping our new pupils settle into Eaton Grange.  My interests include walking, cycling and motorsport and I run the Greenpower afterschool club in which we build electric powered race cars.

Portrait of woman - Eaton Grange pastoral care lead

7P Plato – Miss Graham

Hi everyone, I am super excited to be a year 7 form tutor next year!

I have worked at Holme Grange for 5 years now. For 3 of those years I have been hugely involved in the school lives of the year 7s through being their pastoral support assistant. So I cannot wait to get back to being based in Year 7.

During the school day you will most likely find me in either the drama department or ALC as these are the areas in which I mainly work.

In my free time I like performing in Musicals and being part of a choir. I also enjoy playing with my dog – Buddy!

I can’t wait to meet you all and I’m sure we will have a fantastic year!


7S Socrates – Mr Braye

My name is Robert Braye and I’m really looking forward to getting started at Holme Grange in September. After graduating from the University of Portsmouth, I decided to move closer to home and have worked at a school in Surrey for the past four years, teaching Mathematics and working as Assistant Head of Year 7. As well as my passion for Maths, I have a background in Biological Sciences and revel in all things sporty. In my spare time, I regularly play football, have an appreciation for all things culinary and enjoy getting outdoors to walk my dogs. As a new member of the Maths department, I am excited to meet the team and students to share my expertise.

7A Aristotle – Mr Reed

My name is Mr Will Reed.  I am a Maths teacher and joined the school in January. Qualifications: M.Sc., B.Sc. Mathematics and P.G.C.E (Distinction) Pedagogy and Practice.

I have been a Year 7 form tutor at both Holme Grange and my previous school. I am keen on running, cycling, swimming, football, piano and gardening, and currently run the school’s Badminton club.  Before teaching I was responsible for international Marketing at a global company.