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Welcome Holme

11th Sep 2020

The School re-opened on the 3rd September for Reception, Year 7, and Year 3. This gave these groups an opportunity to become familiar with the school, the procedures and the teachers. It was lovely to see so many smiling faces. The following day the rest of the school returned and we were once again a happy, busy school full of excited pupils ready for a full term of learning.

We have spent time this summer looking at all our procedures and changing things to make sure everybody is safe. Pick up and drop off is still being tweaked to ensure we maintain year group bubbles and keep the traffic moving.

Despite COVID19, we are still finding ways to make sure that school feels like Holme Grange. We have plenty of pastoral care built in to ensure we offer support to people who are finding the current situation stressful. However, it is re-assuring to see how well our pupils are adapting. Here are a few photo’s that show how relaxed our young people are.