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Virtual Open Morning

6th May 2020

Friday 1st May was our date for Open Morning and we would normally expect to see approximately 100 families join us here at Holme Grange. We always take real pride at Open Morning showcasing all the great things the school has to offer; the feedback is always about how lovely the pupils are as they tour families around the school.

COVID 19 meant we could not have people onsite and we thought we would need to cancel this event, but in the usual Holme Grange Way Marketing and Admissions decided to make some little videos showcasing each area of the school and launch them for parents to get a feel for the school. Mrs Robinson joined in and made a video of her philosophy for education; although she hates talking to a camera she wanted families to hear what she wants for each pupil.

The feedback has been great and the Eaton Grange video is nearly up to 200 views. It is reassuring that we are still able to connect with families as they struggle to choose the next step for their son or daughter. It shows we can still offer an admissions process and we have been slightly surprised by how busy new enquiries have been.

We have had lovely feedback on our online learning offering from 3 to 16 years. The little ones have a mixture of pre-recorded videos setting out things like ‘Sound of the Week’ or ‘Motor Movers’ to individual phone calls with their teachers. The older pupils are following their normal lessons with most being delivered live. New pupils that have joined us since Easter have been blown away by our approach and the feedback has been lovely.

Although the current situation is not ideal and we are desperate to get back to normal the Holme Grange Way has certainly been in evidence and will continue to be as the school prepares for some form of return!