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The school runs a minibus service to transport pupils to and from school, they start at:

Maidenhead, Sunningdale, Camberley and all local Wokingham areas. Please see transport map below.

The buses pick up at the following train stations:

Twyford, Sunningdale, Ascot, Camberley, Sandhurst, Wokingham

The buses are timed to be in school in the morning for 8.30.  In the evening buses leave at 5.30 when after-school activities have finished.  There is an option of a bus at 4.30 for local pupils.

Our Service

Our service is managed through a company called KURA and they have a dedicated team to deal with all our parent requirements. This means that we can offer a flexible transport service where parents can manage bookings and ad hoc transport needs. We also have a dedicated transport app so parents can see when their child is on the bus, which stop the bus is at and when the child leaves the bus.

Further Details

If you are interested in finding out more about the services including details of availability and costs please:

Our parents say:

“The Holme Grange school bus is a most excellent service with friendly and efficient drivers. It has made a big difference to us busy parents and seems very cost effective.”