Holme Grange believes that Public Speaking and Debating are important life skills.

All pupils are encouraged to develop these skills during their time at the school through specific activities such as the ‘Presentation’ lessons , through an inter-form Debating Competition and in local and national competitions organised.

The ability to stand up and address an audience is an important life skill and many senior schools have public speaking and debating clubs. As part of our aim to develop our pupils’ confidence and ability to speak up, public speaking competitions and opportunities for debating are explored from Y6. The English Speaking Union work with pupils on both debating and public speaking and this is explored further through curriculum and form time. An active after school club is also popular with pupils in the senior part of the school.

Choral speaking is the art of using voices in unison (all) or part (small group) to produce a piece of poetry or prose that highlights, through performance, the images and the mood that the writer of the piece envisaged.

Choral speaking is not simply speech training, and delivery of a piece relies on careful teaching and student cooperation. When approached enthusiastically and in a structured, systematic way, choral speaking has an obvious educational value for students of English. Not only does choral speaking provide essential learning of English vocabulary and structures, it also allows students to learn English as a group where the pressures on individuals to perfect English speaking are removed.

The group approach to learning a performance piece also alleviates the students’ self-consciousness, elevating a unity of purpose within the group. Choral speaking also encourages a knowledge and appreciation of English literature within a poetry and prose context.