Dance tuition is provided by an external teacher. All classes are given by specialists with a proven record in their field and pupils are able to sit Royal Academy of Dance exams in the following genres – Ballet (from Nursery up), Jazz and Modern dance from Year 3. Boys and Girls in Year 3 and 4 participate in weekly dance lessons.

The aim of the Dance Department is the provision of high quality dance tuition that develops pupils’ physical and creative skills.

The delivery of all sessions is practically focussed to ensure that students are engaged at a level most suited to the stage of development of their bodies.

The main aim of the curriculum is to offer dance opportunities to all to which enhance confidence, and develop the pupils physical skills, stamina, creativity, expression, and musicality using a range of sounds and musical styles. This strong foundation in curriculum dance prepares pupils for a successful transition to other dance genres at higher levels.

Creativity and imaginative choreography by the pupils leads to a greater depth of expression through movement improving confidence and recall skills. Pupils have the opportunity to hone the key skills of dancing in duets and groups, encouraging team work and working with partners.

Furthermore dance has a very special place in the school and during their time here children are encouraged to participate in numerous live performances in co-operation with other departments such as drama and music