Holme Grange has a strong tradition in the performing arts. The subject forms part of the timetable and has a designated area where pupils can take lessons and practice for school productions.

Children from Little Grange and Pre Prep perform a Christmas play in December. The major school play involving Years 3 to 8 takes place in the Spring term. All pupils are encouraged to audition, and they enjoy the experience of being part of a spectacular production with many bright and colourful costumes.

“They get to perform on stage from their earliest age. Both of them do LAMDA, which is very good for less confident children”

From Year 2, pupils are able to undertake individual instrument lessons which include singing, percussion, brass and string in the Music School. Pupils work through the grades of the Associated Board Exams at their own pace. Throughout the year, there are many opportunities to perform in the choirs, orchestra, swing band, ensemble or as soloists at concerts or events such as the School Fete and Open Days.

The introduction of choral speaking is an exciting and valuable addition to the curriculum. Choral speaking provides essential learning of English vocabulary and structures in a group setting, further developing pupils confidence.

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    Dance tuition is provided by an external teacher and pupils are able to sit Royal Academy of Dance exams in the following genres: Ballet (from Nursery up), Jazz and Modern dance from Year 3.Boys and girls in Y3 and Y4 dance as part of the timetabled provision in school. Our first dance show was successfully staged in February 2015 where a range of dance and gym genre were displayed with precision and finesse

    The highlight of the School Drama calendar is the annual production. The cast usually numbers in excess of 80 children from Year 3 up and is performed over three nights in the Spring term.

    Performing arts lessons are timetabled for each year group once a week with a specialist teacher. Keen pupils can also attend a lunchtime drama club.

    Performing Arts and Drama is a major element in the extra-curricular programme of the school. Pupils have the opportunity to work to refine their skills, prepare pieces and, eventually, to face the challenge of performance. Drama is both dynamic and rigorous; expectations are high and much is demanded of those who undertake this testing but fulfilling activity. The school’s reputation for the quality of its performances is extremely high, and the nature of full school productions in recent years has run the full gamut of genres.

    Drama entails both the development of a raft of technical dramatic skills and of the ability to respond critically to performance as members of the audience. Pupils have many opportunities to visit professional productions both locally and further afield, including London.

    The Department’s objectives are:

    • To nurture creativity and self-belief
    • To foster a life-long love of the theatre
    • To develop a working knowledge of theatrical technique
    • To apply knowledge of technique in a theatrical context
    • To encourage a disciplined work ethic