Our state of the art Food Technology room will enable a successful area of the School curriculum to be strengthened further. Whether it be tasting in Y1 or planning, preparing and cooking a three course meal in Y7, the children engage with enthusiasm and curiosity in every lesson they attend.

Food Technology is interesting, creative, and exciting. The emphasis is placed on learning by doing. The focus is on the production of food, considering nutritional, social, economic and cultural requirements of consumers.

Classroom activities involve:

  • Learning about ingredients, food commodities
  • Understanding the properties of foods – nutritional, sensory and functional
  • Investigating and tasting products
  • Being creative, designing new products
  • Engaging in practical activities using a range of skills, processes, equipment and materials
  • Assessing products and performance, rigorously using a range of evaluation and assessment techniques
  • Continued...

    The aim of the Food Technology curriculum is to provide each and every student the opportunity to develop a knowledge and understanding of a broad range of practical skills, techniques and recipes. Food Technology is a popular subject and students are provided with an opportunity to be creative and independent. Students can explore their creativity in cooking and preparing a variety of dishes. Cooking and healthy eating is an important life skill and Food Technology is focused on preparing healthy dishes safely and hygienically. Students will explore healthy eating and balanced diets and will learn about the nutritional needs of different groups in society. Students will learn how to adapt basic recipes for different target audiences and social groups. The study of making will also include the characteristics of a broad range of ingredients, including their nutritional, functional and sensory properties.

    In the Pre Prep and Prep School, cross-curricular links are made where possible. Gingerbread men iced with the bones in the human skeleton and tropical fruit tasting from the Rain Forest provide just two examples of this.