The Art Department is a lively, innovative and dynamic environment, where every student is encouraged to develop his or her individuality through the use of a wide range of media.

Students have the opportunity to explore and to gain skills in both contemporary and traditional art-related techniques. The Department believes strongly that the specific skills of drawing and painting can be taught and learned effectively; on this solid foundation more idiosyncratic, wide-ranging and imaginative approaches can be developed. Ceramics, textiles, woodwork, photography and all the usual forms of art media are included across the school. IT is used effectively to support the curriculum and extend the repertoire of skills our pupils develop.

The Department is proud to show the work of its pupils in the annual exhibition of Art and Technology; visitors to the Department frequently commenting favourably on the quality of work on display.


Art lessons and extra-curricular clubs are popular and the excellent displays around the school are testament to the high standards that are achieved.

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    Through art and design activities pupils learn to make informed value judgements along with aesthetic and practical decisions. We hope that every pupil, regardless of ability, can find a valid way of expressing their ideas and producing art work to be proud of.


    Through teaching art and design we aim to:

    • Provide pupils with the skills, concepts and knowledge necessary for them to express their responses to ideas, feelings and experiences in a visual and tactile form.
    • Encourage the development of imagination, original thought and personal expression.
    • Enable children to become visually literate by understanding Art as a visual and tactile communication and to develop their ability to appreciate and evaluate images and artifacts.
    • Develop pupils’ aesthetic awareness and enable them to make informed critical responses about their work and that of others.
    • Encourage children to value the contribution made to their world by artists and designers from different cultures.
    • Help children to develop socially by working as a team.
    • Provide an equal opportunity for all pupils to reach their full potential regardless of race, gender or ability.

    With enthusiasm and encouragement we would like to instill in every child an interest and enjoyment in Art and Design, to plant a seed which they can take on into their future and develop independently.