Teachers are alert for and source opportunities to engage, reinforce, illustrate and practise the ‘Holme Grange Learning Habits’ which serve as guiding principles to promote successful lifelong learning.

Holme Grange Learning Habits taught across the School:

  • Empathy and Understanding
  • Courage and Self Belief
  • Independence and Initiative
  • Co-operation and Collaboration
  • Risk Taking and Resilience
  • Curiosity and Enthusiasm
  • Imagination and Creativity

We want our pupils to be confident and independent learners: creative, discerning and articulate; seeking to achieve this through a combination of inspirational teaching, fun and engaging learning activities, high expectations and the promotion of self-assessment and evaluation.

Believing in the importance of identifying the individual needs, skills and potential of every child we differentiate our curriculum, beginning where the child is and moving them on at a pace appropriate to their learning style and abilities, encouraging them to work hard to reach their potential.

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    We strive to achieve best practice at all times in the way we plan, deliver and evaluate our curriculum, so that we can:

    • Meet the individual needs and recognise the individual potential of all our pupils
    • Build confident, independent, discerning and creative learners with a good sense of moral purpose
    • Challenge children’s reasoning
    • Broaden children’s understanding
    • Stimulate their curiosity and preserve their sense of awe and wonder
    • Encourage creativity
    • Enable each child to recognise their own self-worth and that of others.
    • Embrace a community where diversity is valued and tolerance and empathy encouraged, respect for others and good manners are considered to be essential.