‘The illiterate of the 21st Century won’t be those who can’t read and write, but those who can’t learn, unlearn and re-learn’

Alvin Toffler

‘Imagination is more important than knowledge’

Albert Einstein

Our Philosophy

Holme Grange is committed to high quality educational outcomes for all pupils. We believe that learning should be exciting, enjoyable and rewarding. It should foster a deep sense of satisfaction and pride within each and every one of our children. We believe it is through excellence in our teaching that we facilitate excellence in children’s learning.

At Holme Grange we believe in the concept of lifelong learning, and in the idea that both adults and children learn new things every day. We strive to develop confidence, provide opportunity and realise potential in every child.

Much of what we know about the way children learn has been learned in the past decade. At Holme Grange we seek to embrace a range of contemporary teaching and learning styles without throwing out effective traditional methods. We must not forget we are preparing our children for their future not our past.

Our policy and practice is informed by research conducted by a number of eminent educationalists:

Carol Dweck and her ‘Growth Mindset Theory’, Howard Gardiner and his ‘Multiple Intelligences, Shirley Clarke and Assessment for Learning Effective Practice, Art Costa and the ‘Habits of Mind’

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    At Holme Grange we believe in not simply preparing our pupils to do their best in exams but also in giving them life skills to help them succeed in whatever they may do in the future.

    To achieve this each pupil needs to understand how they best learn and how to think independently and creatively. Our teachers understand and respond to different learning styles and encourage pupils to stand on their own two feet for learning.

    We aim to develop intellectual character in our pupils through our learning habits and the ethos throughout the school is one of warmth and friendliness – questioning; divergent thinking and the freedom to learn from mistakes are all encouraged.

    Pupils are inspired to take responsibility for their own learning, develop good work habits and gain a sense that learning can thrill and invigorate.

    We strive to provide our pupils with opportunities to imagine, question, hypothesise and scrutinise the knowledge which they encounter both in the classroom and beyond. Teaching at Holme Grange is as rigorous as it is fun; the two are not mutually exclusive. We believe that children can be challenged and stretched, not only through the promotion of high expectations and setting of challenging tasks, but also through being encouraged to ask ‘What if?’ and ‘’Why?’ at every available opportunity.

    Teachers are alert for and source opportunities to engage, reinforce, illustrate and practise the ‘Holme Grange Learning Habits’ which serve as guiding principles to promote successful lifelong learning.