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Tailored Learning

Tailored Learning

At Holme Grange we take an individual approach to learning.  Every child is an individual and we approach their learning in that way.  We have a number of programmes, teaching methods and staff who can personalised a child’s learning journey.

Our ‘Challenge For All’ ensures that everybody is working towards goals that are relevant and stretching.

Our Teaching and Learning Philosophy

At Holme Grange we believe in the concept of lifelong learning, and the idea that both adults and children learn new things every day. We strive to develop confidence, provide opportunity and realise potential in every child.

Much of what we know about the way children learn has been learned in the past decade. At Holme Grange we seek to embrace a range of contemporary teaching and learning styles without throwing out effective traditional methods. We must not forget we are preparing our children for their future not our past.

Our policy and practice is informed by research conducted by a number of eminent educationalists:

Carol Dweck and her ‘Growth Mindset Theory’, Howard Gardiner and his ‘Multiple Intelligences, Shirley Clarke and Assessment for Learning Effective Practice, Art Costa and the ‘Habits of Mind’

‘Imagination is more important than knowledge’ Albert Einstein