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Students excel with GCSE results

25th Aug 2022

Holme Grange Year 11 students have excelled again in this year’s GCSE exams. All our pupils should be proud. A wide range of abilities and talents fulfilling their potential and many exceeding. All our students have been recognised, not just for their consistent hard work and commitment but also for their day-to-day contributions to school life. 

These wonderful and deserving results are a cause for celebration. Well done to the pupils on their excellent efforts and to staff for their tireless support to ensure our students have the opportunity to shine. 

We have a truly outstanding team of dedicated staff who are passionate about supporting our young people throughout their time with us. Our aim is to enable each and every pupil to reach their potential and today’s results are the outcome of a great deal of hard work from both pupils and staff. 

Headteacher, Claire Robinson said “I am delighted that, once again, our pupils have done very well indeed in their GCSE exams. Our warmest congratulations go to all our pupils and to the teachers and support staff who supported them. However, whatever the grades, my advice is to make the most of the next step in their educational journey, for which they have been well prepared. 

“Grades do not define a young person, the right attitude, a readiness to learn and work with an open mind and a kind heart will set our pupils on a course of continued success.”