Sport matches

Sport matches regularly take place on a Wednesday (Years 5-8) and a Friday (Years 3-4). Team sheets are posted on the sports notice board in the Scott Wing the day before the fixture. An email is also sent via the school office with the team sheets attached. Parents are welcome to support matches and are invited for tea afterwards. Matches generally start at 2.30pm. If fixtures are in doubt due to the weather, please phone the Match Information line 01189 120456.

Sports Kit labelling

SPORTS KIT SHOULD BE LABELLED on the OUTSIDE OF THE GARMENT USING ‘sew on ID tags’ with the child’s surname. ID tags are available from Stevenson’s or They must be 25mm high with a Navy background and light blue font. A guide to where labels should be located is on the official clothing list.

Sports Kit Item Location of Sew On ID Tag
Sports Holdall kit bag Both end pockets
Games Top Right chest
Games Shorts Right thigh
Sports Polo Right chest
Games Socks Top of Sock
Tracksuit Top (Prep) External name tape optional due to type of fabric
Tracksuit Bottom (Prep) External name tape optional due to type of fabric
Drawstring Bag (Pre Prep) Centre
Hooded Top (Pre Prep) Right chest
Jogging Bottom (Pre Prep) Right chest
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    Mouth guards

    Year 2 girls require a mouth guard for hockey.

    All pupils in Years 3-8 will need a mouth guard for Hockey and Rugby.

    We arrange for a custom fit mouth guard company OPRO to visit the school ( OPRO mouth guards are optional and other alternatives are available from sports shops and other dentists. OPRO will visit in the first few weeks of school in September although Prep Girls will require mouth guards for the first day of term as hockey will start straight away.

    Judo Kit

    Rec – Year 2 boys require a judo suit and any pupil taking part in after school judo require a suit. We highly recommend purchasing a suit from Blitz Sport as they are the best value for money, although you may purchase a suit from any supplier.

    Poly-cotton lightweight 10oz judo suit £14.98 or kids cotton student judo suit £26.50. The suit needs to be WHITE and BLEACHED.

    Recommended size (height in cms)

    Age 4/5 (120cm)

    Age 5/6 (130cm)

    Age 6/7 (130cm/140cm)


    Swimming takes place during the second half of the summer term in our heated outdoor pool (Reception –Yr 8). Therefore swimming kit is only required after may halt term break. Please see the Uniform list for details. Girls must wear a one piece plain black costume and boys must wear black lycra shorts or trunks. Pupils must also have a Holme Grange Swimming hat available from the school office and a towel. Googles are optional and swimming kit needs to be in a small draw string bag or similar.

    Cricket Kit

    All boys in Years 3-8 require a cricket shirt and cricket trousers and a jumper is optional for the summer term only. These are worn on match days only. They can be purchased from any supplier. Generally Year 3&4 will play soft ball cricket, although occasionally under 9A team may play hard ball cricket. At Under 10 and above some boys will play hard ball cricket, although Colts B and C teams will generally play soft ball cricket. Protective clothing and helmets will be provided although very often boys do have their own bat, pads and helmet if in Colts A or Under 13. When playing hard ball cricket boys require a box and appropriate underwear.

    Cricket matches finish times

    Depending on the age group for cricket matches on a Wednesday normally finish between 5.30pm and 6.00pm. On a Friday they will normally finish approximately 4.30pm. Please allow for travel times when boys are at away fixtures. This will have an effect on what after school activities they can choose and any pupils that use the bus service.

    Sports Colours

    Sports colours are awarded to pupils who make an outstanding contribution to sport. They can only be awarded to Years 6,7,8. They may be awarded for one particular sport or contribution to all round sport. Colours may also be awarded to a pupil who is highly successful at sport outside of Holme Grange (eg Tennis, Gymnastics, trampolining etc)

    Pupils need to be rated highly in the 5 areas below (further explanation can be found in school policy)