All boys have the opportunity to participate in sport every week through lessons, matches, and extra-curricular opportunities. Where possible all boys from Year 3 play matches against other schools every week.Being successful at sport takes on many different forms for many different people. Matches are a valuable tool for pupils learning and although it is enjoyable to win, it is important to realise that there are many aspects of sport to consider. Whilst at Holme Grange pupils are still relatively young on their journey of sports success.

Boys Sports

Sports in our curriculum include; basketball, dodge ball, table tennis, gymnastics, athletics and swimming.

Boys Sports Curriculum includes; Football, Rugby, Cricket.

Extra-Curricular and other opportunities include; Judo, Gymnastics, Cheerleading, Adventurous Activities, Tennis, Dance, and Hockey.

The main aim of the Sport Department is to;

  • Promote a healthy and active lifestyle
  • To raise heart rate every lesson
  • To develop physical competence
  • To develop physical confidence
  • To develop physical skilfulness
  • To develop physical development and knowledge of the body in action
  • To prepare children for Secondary Education
  • To encourage lifelong physical activity
  • To understand others strengths and weaknesses
  • To prepare for inter school matches
  • To develop knowledge, skills and understanding through a variety of activities
  • To improve their sporting ability and to give them a taste of different sports.

Boys Sports – We follow IAPS and/or National Governing body guidelines for all sports. Football is generally 6 or 7-a-side for Under 8 – 11 and then 9-a-side for Under 12 / 13. Tag rugby is played at Under 8 and then contact is introduced gradually from this point.Cricket is generally soft ball at Under 8/9 and Under 10/11 B and C teams. Under 11 A and under 13 teams play hard ball cricket.