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The Arts

Art, Design & Technology, Drama, Music

The arts boost the right side of the brain which is responsible for creativity. At Holme Grange we believe that giving expression to our imagination is central to intellectual and emotional development. Alongside timetabled lessons, there are plenty of extra-curricular and after-school clubs for those with a passion for the arts to develop and hone their skills.



The Holme Grange Art Department is buzzing with creativity, inviting pupils to believe that anything is possible. Pupils will be coached in how to exploit the potential of media and techniques to cultivate mastery in visual art. They will also be introduced to the work of inspiring artists, designers and crafts practitioners to fuel their own passion.


Design & Technology

Design and Technology is about confidence, competence and capability. It is an exciting practical subject that allows pupils to make sense of appliances and processes in their environment.

Children have an innate curiosity about why and how things work. Design and Technology allows them to develop their creative skills through planning, designing and making. It is about thinking and doing and leads to minds and hands working together.

Our pupils gain great satisfaction from using physical resources to create products and it is hoped that they will experience a sense of achievement having worked through the design process that leads to a finished article.



Drama is delivered as a curriculum subject at Holme Grange and we offer it as a GCSE subject. We have an incredible 300 seater theatre which provides our budding actors to experience performing in a professional environment. The Drama department stages a number of productions throughout the year. Pupils will also take part in poetry performances, debating and public speaking competitions. LAMDA lessons are offered with regular showcase performances.

For those more comfortable behind the scenes we teach technical lighting and sound projection as well as stage management skills as part of the curriculum. This means that our performances are truly inclusive and everybody can play a part.



The musical life of the School is varied and busy and has plenty to offer aspiring musicians. For instrumentalists and soloists, we provide a range of performance opportunities like lunchtime recitals, Winter and Summer concerts and our Christmas Carol service. There are a number of choirs, A Capella groups and orchestras to be a part of at every stage of the School.

Pupils can take instrumental lessons through individual lessons. ICT is fully incorporated into the Music department. Pupils can use sequencing and notation software in our Recording Studio as well as compose their own material using the latest technology.

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