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GCSE Results

The GCSE results for 2021-22 are a testament to the hard work of pupils and staff at Holme Grange and confirm the high level of academic achievement attained by pupils at the school.  Whether they started their journey with us in Early Years or more recently in our senior school, Eaton Grange, they have followed the Holme Grange motto ‘Work Hard Play Fair’ and succeeded in realising their potential. These results come after a challenging couple of years with lockdowns but students and staff adapted and forged ahead, exceeding previous years, showing true resilience and commitment. As an inclusive school, Holme Grange meets the needs of the individual, and takes pride in the ‘value added’ results students achieve.  The breadth of the curriculum we offer is phenomenal and this is reflected in the range of subjects that our students will be studying next year whether that be A levels, BTecs or apprenticeships.


  • 97% of GCSE at Grade 4 to 9 (A to C)
  • 63% grades at 7 to 9 (A and A**)
  • 41% of grades at 8 to 9 (A* and A**)

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Graphic of bar chart with exam results