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GCSE Results

The GCSE results for 2020/21 were a testament to the hard work of pupils and staff at Holme Grange. A challenging year with a cohort impacted by the pandemic in two consecutive years of their GCSE studies. The results were as follows:

  • 99% of GCSE at Grade 4 to 9 (A to C)
  • 59% grades at 7 to 9 (A and A**)
  • An amazing 40% of grades at 8 to 9 (A* and A**)

The upward trajectory continues which, as an inclusive school, Holme Grange meets the needs of the individual, and takes pride in the ‘value added’ results students achieve.

Being one of only 3 schools that are regional hubs for NACE, Holme Grange looks at tools and techniques for stretching more able children which helps to ensure they offer academic stretch.

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