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Eaton Grange Curriculum

At Holme Grange we have a proven history of teaching our senior students with excellent results. We offer challenge, we strive to inspire, develop confidence, provide opportunity and realise the potential in every child. In Years 7 – 11 we offer a familiar and nurturing environment. This produces confident individuals who are strong, independent learners and who are ready to take on the world. 


Years 7 & 8


Our curriculum, which is based on the Independent Schools’ Common Entrance 13+ Syllabus has been redesigned to give greater emphasis to the excitement of learning, passion for subjects and the acquisition of essential skills such as computing, comprehension and investigational techniques. By streaming and setting pupils in many subjects, we are able to differentiate according to their strengths and weaknesses.

Work ethic is truly developed in these year groups which stands pupils in good stead as they embark on their secondary school journey. Our curriculum provides a solid and rigorous grounding for GCSE work in Year 9 and beyond. In Eaton Grange, personalised learning and our tutorial system provide our pupils with an invaluable advantage. 

Language learning is a valued element of our broad curriculum. German and Spanish are introduced in Year 7 alongside French. Holme Grange also teaches students in Year 8 Sustainability as a discrete subject. 


Year 9


We offer a broad and exciting syllabus that enables our students to experience their potential GCSE subjects before making their options decisions in the Spring Term. This is the year where pupils explore, experiment, and really discover which subjects they enjoy and are going to succeed in at GCSE level. Pupils are given clear guidelines on how effort grades are awarded. These are discussed on a regular basis with their subject teachers and pupils will often self-assess their effort in class.

In addition to the usual academic subjects, Holme Grange has developed a Personal and Social, Health, Cultural and Citizenship syllabus that encompasses religion and spirituality, health and social issues, citizenship, financial awareness, and careers which begins in Year 9.


Years 10 & 11


When choosing GCSE options, it is important to consider which subjects will offer the greatest opportunity of success, reflecting strengths, interests and future career pathways. Our staff work closely with pupils to ensure they achieve their potential. We have a distinctive ethos, which allows us to give much more individual care and attention to our students and to monitor and motivate them as they seek to make academic and personal progress.

Leadership skills are nurtured as pupils embrace the responsibilities that come with being at the top of the school and can earn positions such as Head of School and Heads of Houses, among others. These opportunities develop a sense of self-worth and moral responsibility. 




A Holme Grange education helps pupils to “know themselves” better. We provide additional opportunities so our pupils can understand the world of work and the various career paths open to them, like our programme of external speakers and work experience for pupils in Eaton Grange.

Thank you for inspiring my child to do their best and providing a wonderful environment in which to learn.

Current parent