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Year 5

The children in Year 5 continue to experience a greater breadth of opportunity within and outside the curriculum.

Opportunities for joining extra-curricular activities, especially in sporting and musical areas, along with the necessary organisational skills take a higher profile for our busy pupils.

Teaching and learning within the year group aims to adopt a love of learning by employing a mixture of traditional and modern methods, in addition to developing a myriad of new skills that prepare the pupils for the challenges of our upper schools and beyond. All subjects are taught by specialist teachers.

In English, focusing on word, sentence and text level objectives covering a wide range of genres. Mathematics may be taught in ability sets

ICT opportunities are embraced in Year 5, where children’s skills are transferred to other areas of the curriculum. This learning is further enhanced through planned activities using laptops and interactive teaching programmes. Creative work in English, Art and Drama are enjoyed throughout the year with a focused emphasis during our annual production which is performed to parents in the Spring Term.

We empower young people to make ambitious choices and realise their potential through developing their confidence, resilience and skills, leading to success both in and out of the classroom. This programme is called Finding Futures.

Students can use the Talent Toolbox with qualified coaches to create personalised targets and drive their own development. Through this, they become excellent self-reflectors, achieving above and beyond their expectations. This programme is continued in Year 6.