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Year 4

In Year 4 the children enjoy a full curriculum enhanced by some exciting activities and visits throughout the year.There are a wonderful variety of lunch time and after school clubs available, which the children take part in and thoroughly enjoy – there is something for everyone! These include many sporting activities, with the chance to represent the school and be part of a team.

Musically, the children can choose to learn an instrument and may have the ability to play in the orchestra or ensemble group. Building on their violin tuition in Y3, pupils continue with a term of group strings tuition, with some learning the cello and others the viola. They will then all have the opportunity to learn the flute as a group for a term and the clarinet for the other term in the year, building quite a repertoire of musical skills and interests.

In the classroom the children gain confidence and independence as they develop their learning styles and interests to achieve their full potential. The Year 4 staff work as a team to provide the children with a curriculum which is as stimulating as possible.

The pupils have a number of trips on offer including theatre, history workshops, Twelfth Night and Bushcraft.