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Year 3

Life in Year 3 is busy and exciting. Pupils are presented with a multitude of opportunities and are encouraged to develop their independence so that they can make the most of these. We offer a breadth of opportunities allowing each individual to discover their unique gifts.

Happiness and confidence are key. If children are happy and confident in themselves, they will learn in a happy and confident way. Quite simply, we believe that children must firstly be given the chance truly to experience childhood in all its joy, and that education naturally follows. It is this that develops a fully-rounded person.

A wide and varied curriculum is taught and this is enhanced by numerous out of school visits throughout the year. Whilst the majority of the curriculum is taught by the class teacher and based within the classroom, the children in Year 3 are taught by specialist teachers for Physical Education, Music, I.C.T. , Art and Design, Drama , Design Technology and French. We also have a weekly lesson in the library.

The curriculum is further supported by a number of trips. Year 3 visit museums, have bushcraft training and visit Kidzania, where they independently explore a scaled indoor city and can try more than 100 exciting careers.