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Pre-Prep Learn What Makes Them Happy

28th Feb 2020

As part of the PSHE programme Pre-Prep spent the day learning what made them happy and how it was different things for different people. They had sessions in Art, music, nature walk, physical activity, puzzles and team building. They also had a session on the brain, mindfulness and Yoga.

The feedback from the children was brilliant and the atmosphere around Pre-Prep filled with positivity, understanding and calm. A lovely day to be in school and see the impact of programmes like this. This programme will continue through the year and be developed so the children can embed the learning.

Claire Cox, Head of Pre-Prep, explained “40% of what we do is on auto pilot so it is important to actively practice being happy.” She advised the children to think happy thoughts whilst brushing their teeth, think about what has made them happy that day when they put their heads on the pillow and awake up excited for the day ahead.

Hopefully our pupils will build resilience and stay mentally healthy throughout their lives having learned coping strategies even from this young age.