1. Manners are important:

  • We remain polite and courteous at all times – we say please, thank you and ‘you’re welcome’
  • We hold doors open to allow others to come through
  • We never make any rude or offensive personal remarks or gestures to anyone.
  • We never call people names or make them unhappy by our actions or words as it can cause a great deal of unhappiness and we would not like to be treated that way.
  • We never call out and speak only when invited to.
  • We do not interrupt and always say ‘excuse me’ to attract an adults attention.
  • We ask questions respectfully but never question a teacher’s authority – we do as we are told

2. We take pride in our personal appearance and personal hygiene:

  • We always wear the correct school uniform and sports kit
  • We enter and leave the School wearing our blazers and looking smart
  • We always wear our full and correct uniform with pride when on trips or visits with the school
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    3. We do not use any excessive physical force on anyone whether in fun or anger.

    4. We always greet others about the School with a smile and offer to help and guide visitors.

    • We greet teachers and adults by their correct title – Good Morning Mrs ___, Sir, etc.

    5. The Internet can only be accessed when an adult is present

    • We all agree to abide by the Internet Code of Conduct which teaches safe internet use.

    6. It is important to be organised as it helps us with our learning:

    • We always have the correct equipment and books required for each lesson
    • We ensure our uniform and belongings are all named
    • We check the timetables to find the times of our music, dance or drama lessons each week and ensure we arrive on time

    7. We walk around the school in a calm and quiet manner, using the left hand side of the corridors:

    • We line up quietly outside classrooms.
    • We become silent instantly the teacher approaches.
    • We do not enter any classroom until invited to do so by a teacher.
    • When instructed we become silent and attentive immediately.

    8. Our learning habits are important:

    • We always complete all preps on time and to the standard of which you are capable. Academic work must always be the priority at School.

    9. Ball games are not permitted in the playground:

    • We must use the AWP or the field.

    10. We must not enter, without an adult present:

    • The changing rooms
    • The school buildings before school unless accompanied by a teacher or member of staff.
    • Any classroom

    11. You are not allowed to play on the AWP (All Weather Pitch) unless you have changed your shoes.

    • Only trainers allowed.
    • You are not allowed to play in socks only.

    12. We keep our school tidy:

    • We do not drop litter and if we see litter we pick it up
    • We eat our tuck and drink our juice or milk on the playground only, and put cartons in the bins. Only healthy snacks are permitted as tuck:
      • no sweets, crisps, chocolate or similar items at any time in school.

    13. Mobile phones are not permitted in school

    14. If we feel unwell or hurt and we need to see Matron, we must always inform the member of staff on duty or our Form Teacher