The fact that Holme Grange seeks to be a Christian school does not mean that it is primarily concerned with converting its pupils to Christianity. The conversion which really matters is from shallow to deeper thinking. The spiritual development which must be encouraged rests upon the encouragement to think, explore and discuss. It is concerned with how personal beliefs and values are acquired, especially on questions of religion, whether life has purpose, and the basis for personal and social behaviour. It is not another name for religious education, although there are close connections. For example, spiritual development may be both an aim for religious education and an outcome of it.

The potential for spiritual development is open to all pupils. It is concerned with specifically religious concerns but by no means confined to the development of religious beliefs. The spiritual dimension of life at Holme Grange is seen as the set of beliefs, values, attitudes, experiences, and reflections by which individuals give direction and shape and meaning to their lives.

Spiritual development is also concerned with the promotion of the development of feelings and emotions, as well as identifying the importance of intellectual curiosity. It is concerned with deepening appreciation of music, art and literature. These areas, as well as those traditionally understood as religious, seek to explain what life is about and pupils are invited and encouraged to explore them. They are urged to approach these areas with serious intent and take on increasing responsibility for themselves in them. The methodology adopted is that of discussion, exploration and reflection through what is taught in its curriculum, participation in music, drama and artistic activity, through collective worship and through the School’s ethos.

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    Spiritual Development

    • The development of the intra-personal side of a child, the non-material elements like self-worth and holistic wellbeing.

    As pupils develop physically they do so emotionally and psychologically; in studying at Holme Grange School to gain knowledge and skills, their personal beliefs and identities are shaped. To help pupils in their positive spiritual development and try to understand the meaning of life we should:

    • promote their self-esteem by valuing and commending their efforts which will determine their achievements;
    • engage their imaginations and feelings;
    • assist them to reflect, question and explore;
    • provide opportunities for them to discuss and exchange views and insights;
    • help them appreciate awe and wonder experiences.