Social development refers to the progressive acquisition of the competences and qualities needed to play a full part in society. It is primarily concerned with the skills and personal qualities necessary for individuals to live and function effectively in society by being a member of the community. The School can only complement and extend what the home and society in general can achieve in helping to prepare boys and girls to participate constructively in society.

Upon entry to Holme Grange a pupil will be required to learn the obligations and constraints, but also the satisfaction, that go with being a member of a group or community. As they develop boys and girls will also become aware of their own identity as individuals, as well as the importance of taking into account the feelings and wishes of others within the group or community, and they will be given opportunities to experience a variety of social roles. Social development is seen to be closely related to the development of moral principles.

Social Development

  • For children to develop the necessary skills to work together and live successfully with a growing awareness of their place in the community in which they belong.
  • For pupils to develop an awareness of their social roles in an ever changing world and have a growing understanding of the responsibility they have within their communities.

As members of the community at school pupils learn social skills and values that will determine their future lives as responsible citizens.

  • Continued...

    To help this growth the following should have positive reinforcement:

    • Security and confidence in learning and support in facing difficulties.
    • A willingness to co-operate with other pupils by balancing individual and collective needs.
    • A readiness to celebrate others’ achievements.
    • A sense of how their lives and that of the school relate to the wider community it serves.
    • Participation in community service, charitable activities and the continued development of Inspiring Change @ Holme grange