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Pastoral Ethos

Our Approach

At Holme Grange we believe that kind, respectful and empathic pupils become responsible individuals who are equipped with a greater sense of understanding and emotional awareness to grasp all the possibilities and challenges life offers.

The Holme Grange Way guides us all through each day; the foundation on which we build our vibrant, diverse and exciting community.

Our school is split into Pre-Prep (Little Grange, Reception, years 1 and 2), Prep (years 3 to 6) and Eaton Grange (years 7 to 11). Each phase has a Head of School who oversees the day to day academic and pastoral issues. Their role is further supported by a Head of Pastoral Care who oversees a team of form teachers whose responsibility it is to support the pupils’ wellbeing on a day to day basis. This is undertaken as follows:

  • Pre-Prep – by the form teachers, who also teach the class most of the subjects
  • Prep – by the form teachers, who will teach some of the academic lessons to their forms
  • Eaton Grange – by form teachers who will see the pupils regularly throughout the week.


  • Safeguarding Team
    • This team have had extended training in Keeping Children Safe and are there to support staff with any pupil concerns
  • School Health and Wellbeing Nurse
    • For students we offer 1:1 emotional wellbeing therapeutic sessions, self-esteem programme and bereavement support. We also run the .b (dot-be) 9 week programme which we start in Year 6, then each year the group will have a 1 week refresher course.
  • Matron
    • For students we offer a first aid station to treat minor ailments, administer prescribed medication, vaccination programme, flu jab service and general medical advice.
  • Peer Mentors
    • Year 6 are the mentors for Prep and Year 11 for Eaton Grange. If children have an issue they usually prefer to talk to a fellow pupil. Our Mentors have intensive training before they undertake these roles.

Specific Spaces

  • Pastoral Hut in the woods which provides a calm space away from the hustle and bustle of the school.
  • Counselling Room where pupils and families can work through their difficulties with our experienced counsellor.
  • Snug Room where anxious children can relax whilst being soothed by the bubble lamp and distracted by sensory games.
  • Hebe’s Room where Hebe our therapy dog lives. Pupils can relax and distract themselves whilst having quality time with the dog.
  • Farm in the grounds where children can enjoy petting or looking after the animals.
  • TLC (Team Leadership Communication) area where they can play team games, develop leadership and resilience skills and enjoy time with their friends.
  • Willow Village where the pupils can meet together and perhaps play the drums! A great opportunity to rid ourselves of any frustrations.

At Holme Grange all the food is prepared in our kitchen by experienced chefs who cater for a wide range of allergies. The choice of hot and cold foods available to staff and pupils is outstanding and provides the whole community with the opportunity to eat together.

Holme Grange has a Staff Wellbeing Team which comprises of staff from all areas of the school. They organise fun activities to do in and out of school, yoga, mindfulness and an opportunity to be together socially as well as professionally. Holme Grange is a place where people enjoy spending time together both in and out of school.