Every pupil is allocated a House when they join the School and they will remain in these houses during their time here. There are four Houses named after rivers: Thames, Trent, Severn & Kennet.

House points are awarded by teachers for good work and effort. Children are rewarded with house points for good behaviour and effort or for putting the Holme Grange Learning Habits and Values into practice. Inter house competitions are held throughout the year and the children get to compete in fund raising as well as sport activities.Children can receive badges that are worn on their blazers. Each year the School has its own charity day when the children are allowed to wear ‘Mufti’ (own clothes) and encouraged to raise money for the school charity. Competitions for sport and the arts are held throughout the year. At the end of the academic year the House with the largest number of points are awarded the House Cup. In Y2 pupils are appointed as House Captains and again in Eaton Grange.