At the end of the school day children may be cared for until 5.50pm by prior arrangement with the school office. A holding facility is available until 4.15pm for those pupils with older siblings in the prep school. Children staying until 5.50pm are accompanied to Little Grange where they will have their tea and take part in a variety of craft and play activities.

Breakfast Club and Extended School Day

We offer a Breakfast Club which runs from 7.30am. Breakfast, which will be served no later than 7.55am, will consist of cereal, toast and a drink. At 8.15am children will be escorted to the school playground where staff members will be on duty. Younger pupils will be escorted to Little Grange. Bookings are accepted on an ad hoc basis. Extended School Day is available to all children from 7.30am to 5.55pm in a range of options. Please see the individual Parent Handbooks for each section of the school for details.

After School Care is available and is chargeable but there is also a wide range of after school clubs and activities – available for Year 1 upwards. Please see the school notice board by the School Office for further information. Some of the activities are chargeable as they involve external suppliers.

After-School Care for children in Little Grange and Reception is available at an additional cost which includes tea and a variety of activities. All children should be collected by 5.55pm. In the interest of security, please be on time for collection.

“There are lots of opportunities. There is almost too much choice with the after school clubs.”

Chill Out Club (Year 1 and Year 2): Chill Out Club is available to children in Years 1 and 2 up until 5.50pm. If children in these year groups are taking part in an after school activity which finishes at 5.30pm, they will then go to Chill Out Club until their parents collect them – no later than 5.50pm.

Please note that all children in Year 1 and Year 2 who are staying for either after school activities or ‘Chill Out’ Club will have the option to be provided with a packed tea (e.g. Squash, sandwiches, cake and fruit), bring in their own snack, or just have squash and biscuits/cake. The packed tea option will be charged at £2.10 per day and parents will be invoiced at the end of each term. If children are bringing in their own snacks, these must be non-perishable as we have no refrigerated area for storage. The snacks will be kept in the child’s school bag until required.

If your child in Little Grange or Reception is staying for after-school care then collection will be from Little Grange.

After School Activities (Years 2 – 8): Each term there is a wide selection of indoor and outdoor activities available from 4.30pm to 5.30pm each week day evening. Children can select these towards the end of the previous term. Children in Years 3 – 8 may do Prep in the allocated room until 5.55pm. A room timetable is posted around the school termly.

Children in Year 2 to 8 who are staying for an activity or Prep after school are given some cake or biscuits and a drink at 4.15pm.