Our GCSE results – the first for Holme Grange – were Excellent!

Only two Y11 pupils but some of the Y10 students, and one Y9 also took examinations this summer. The press warned us the results could be down this year and that the higher grades were going to be even harder to achieve.

 We are delighted to say that the coveted grade 9 (the new A**) was achieved by Artur in his maths which is an outstanding result. Maths has always been a strong department at Holme Grange with pupils returning to sing the praises of what,  at the time they were here, they didn’t possibly always appreciate – again it is hard work, effort and attitude that will secure them success.

Some highlights of our results are:

  • Grade ‘9’ gained in Maths
  • Languages – 100% gained in some of the French papers with the top ‘A*’ as an overall grade
  • ‘A*’ was also achieved by students in English Literature, Business and Communications and Japanese!
  • ‘A’ grades gained by pupils in Geography, Computer Science, English Language, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Business and Communications
  • Of all the exams sat this year the overall results were:


(Please bear in mind the small cohort when looking at statistics a total of 28 examinations were taken this academic year).

                                                    Y11 candidates        All Candidates

A* and A Grades                                     67%                           50%       

A* to C (or C Equivalent)

  • in Eng, Maths & Science          100%                         93%
  • All subjects                                     89%                          82%

We will always strive to ensure that all our students fulfil their potential regardless of their ability. The trick is to convince those that think they cannot achieve these results, that with hard work and the right support they can get there.

Holme Grange Scholars 2017

Academic:- Sport:- Drama:-
S.T. Brewer H.Daniel L.J.Clayton
J.W.P. Green M. Ewart R.Gericke
A. Harris T.D. Harding A. Harling
E.A. Johnson F. O Morgan  
E. Knighton M.G. Neave  
D.D. Patel M.Scott  
Art:- Art & Sport:- Music:- 
C.I.W.Stevens R.Hicks E.Smith
E. Meakins   A. Tanner
    H. Tanner


External Scholarship 2017

E. Cox – Sport – Pangborne
M. Goodey – Art – Luckley House
S. Kulkarni – Academic – Abbey
M.S.A. Rubbani – Blue Coat School
J. Shortland – Sport – Shiplake