A Passion for Learning – Changing Lives

Holme Grange develops children into all rounders who are confident individuals with a good sense of moral purpose. The Holme Grange child recognises their own self-worth and that of others. The family ethos of our School enables us to know, value and nurture each pupil as an individual. We are a community where diversity is valued and tolerance and empathy encouraged, respect for others and good manners are considered to be essential.

We believe that all members of the School community should be inspired to outperform expectations on a daily basis. The pursuit of excellence across all areas of school life is our defining feature. Outstanding pastoral care ensures that pupils are safe and happy. The care extends to all pupils and enables them to make outstanding progress, both academically and in their personal development.

Awe and wonder are part of the curriculum; we nurture pupils to attain success across the widest spectrum of activity, extending far beyond the conventional ‘academic’ horizon. We enable pupils to learn to become the adaptable, resourceful, open-minded and, above all, creative thinkers that the future will need. At Holme Grange questioning, divergent thinking and the freedom to learn from mistakes are all encouraged. Academic excellence, underpinned by formative and summative assessment enables first-rate teaching and learning to thrive.

Our students are well prepared for the next stage of their educational journey and are enriched with a set of values which will colour their actions and decisions throughout their lives.

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    Specifically, Holme Grange has a vision of excellence which:

    • Enables every child to thrive through experiencing an ethos of support, challenge and encouragement to succeed – Inspiring achievement beyond the bounds of expectation
    • Celebrates a caring culture, and as a learning community, ensures everyone, irrespective of ability, leaves our school feeling individually fulfilled and valued as a member of society.

    We explore the advancement of educational thinking and of technological change; at the heart of the School’s aims lies the belief that our outstanding school does more than deliver a rounded curriculum – it offers an array of opportunities and pathways for personal development.

    In line with this vision, the School has four specific aims:

    • To provide a liberal and challenging academic education that stimulates pupils’ intellectual curiosity
    • To promote high standards of achievement across a wide spectrum of activity, extending beyond the conventional ‘academic’ horizon, enabling each pupil to discover and develop individual talents and interests.
    • To nurture personal development of the individual, within a caring, diverse and warmly supportive ‘family’ environment, developing pupils’ confidence, self esteem and leadership skills
    • To enable pupils to develop the values, attitudes and standards that will guide them in their present and future lives as global citizens in a rapidly changing world