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The aim of the Mathematics department at Holme Grange is to encourage each pupil to fulfil their mathematical potential whilst developing a desire to take the subject further. Understanding and responding to individual pupils needs and abilities are of key importance. Children are challenged whatever their level and we are proud of the progress that they make. 

Pupils from Year 5 to 8 receive lessons from specialist subject teachers.

We use a mixture of traditional and modern teaching methods, it is our experience that pupils learn best when they are actively involved. All classrooms are supported by the latest technology – interactive whiteboards and laptops with wireless internet facility are used daily, while we still value the use of the text book!

Maths is a subject in its own right and there is much to marvel at within its boundaries. The importance of mathematics lies in its ability to provide a means of communication, which is powerful, concise and unambiguous.

At Holme Grange, pupils are encouraged to see the mathematical skills they acquire in the wider context of the world around them and not just to learn for the sake of learning. This is achieved through careful presentation of a topic highlighting both its links to and its importance in the real world. Classroom and departmental displays are produced to indicate where mathematics is used and by whom. Everyone from the architect to the zoo keeper uses mathematics every day in some form or another.

As pupils begin to understand just how relevant mathematics is to their daily lives it is our hope that more will choose to continue with the study of the subject beyond GCSE.

It is no secret that many pupils across the country find mathematics a difficult subject to study at GCSE. We understand this and our staff team is well-accustomed to encouraging pupils and easing them through the syllabus.

Pupils are encouraged to have high expectations of themselves, and we achieve this through target setting both by teachers and pupils, displays that encourage and motivate pupils to succeed and also explain where to get help, teachers making themselves available to pupils outside of lesson time to encourage success and by running a mathematics workshop, where pupils can drop in for help with any difficulties. These and many other aspects encourage pupils to take responsibility for their own learning and become active independent learners.

Teaching encourages an investigative and discovery based approach linked to real life problems. By entering pupils for the UK mathematical challenge they are able to demonstrate their skills in this area and achieve external recognition for their efforts. Information and Communications Technology is integrated into the curriculum to ensure, where appropriate, all pupils are familiar with and can use common mathematics software to aid their understanding of the subject. It is also an excellent resource for presenting some of the more complex areas of the subject.

In Years 10 and 11, the department prepares students for the GCSE.