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Marble Run Winners

21st Jun 2022

Congratulations to our Year 6 students who engineered a solid structure incorporating a lot of stem learning to win the hotly contested #3MYIC Slo-Mo Marble Challenge organised by local science-based technology company, 3M.

The team of four students (Andrew, Logan, Nirvan and Sajan) went by the team name “The Marble Maker Men” and progressed through to the Berkshire Grand Final on Friday 17th June. 3 Holme Grange teams had entered the competition in total. 

Their winning structure combined friction and centrifugal force to slow their marble down from a height of 70cm. Using recyclable materials they perfected their design  to successfully slow the journey of their marble to take the crown. 

Mr Greenwood, Science Teacher, was impressed with their teamwork and planning. They worked well to understand how to increase friction and decrease the force of gravity. As a winning prize, the team won new science equipment for the school. Thank you 3M for organising a great competition. We look forward to taking part again in 2023.