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Learning Habits

The Holme Grange Learning Habits serve as our guiding principles to promote successful lifelong learning. Our teachers look for opportunities to engage, reinforce, illustrate and practise these habits throughout our broad curriculum.

Holme Grange Learning Habits taught across the School:

  • Empathy and Understanding
  • Courage and Self Belief
  • Independence and Initiative
  • Co-operation and Collaboration
  • Risk Taking and Resilience
  • Curiosity and Enthusiasm
  • Imagination and Creativity

“If you study to remember, you will forget, but if you study to understand, you will remember.”

“The school has always encouraged us to work in groups to get things done in lessons and out of the classroom. In many activities we work in teams to achieve our goals, using like skills like leadership, tolerance and negotiation to work effectively together.” Y9 Pupil

“After a few years in the School I have grown in independence and am able to think and act for myself. I am now confident that I can face challenges and I enjoy them. Teachers at Holme Grange have helped me become more organised and I realise effort is down to me. I have the confidence to always ‘have a go’ which I am always encouraged to do.” Y8 Pupil

“A few years ago, I didn’t think I could ‘do’ art. At Holme Grange, I’ve been supported and encouraged to express my individuality. There are no limits to our imagination and we are encouraged to be creative thinkers. One day I could be the one who makes a difference to the world we live in.” Y8 Pupil

“The teachers here offer praise and constructive criticism which helps me to understand and believe in myself. I have also been supported to stand up and perform to a large audience, something I would not have been comfortable doing before I arrived here.” Y8 new pupil

“I used to be very happy with the things I could do and didn’t like the feeling when things fo hard. Teachers have shown me that by taking risks and making mistakes, I will learn and achieve so much more. I may fall several times but there is always someone here to help me get back up. I can always improve even if it is hard sometimes.” Y10 Pupil

“I’ve learnt the value of putting the needs of others before my own and understand the situations others face. ‘The Holme Grange Way’ is a good guide and we value friendship. We consider others and raise funds to sponsor children at our partner school in the slums of Kenya. At Holme Grange we value each other and I feel valued too.” Y8 Pupil

“When you are curious there are unlimited opportunities for knowledge. When you are not curious you can get stuck inside the prison of your mind.” Y5 Pupil