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Language learning is extremely important in today’s global environment. Being able to speak a foreign language is an asset both in business and leisure. At Holme Grange we aim to provide pupils with a sound introduction to languages while maintaining a relaxed and “fun” approach.

As well as equipping pupils with the ability to communicate in a foreign language, we believe that developing the skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing contributes positively across the curriculum.

Languages are part of the cultural richness of the world in which we live; the ability to understand and communicate in another language is a lifelong skill for education, enjoyment and leisure. The Modern Foreign Languages department enables children to study FRENCH from Y2 and offers the opportunity to study SPANISH and GERMAN in Y7 & Y8, before making choices for GCSE. The aim is both to enable pupils to acquire good linguistic skill whilst also making language learning an enjoyable experience.

Within language learning we aim also to encompass not only communication but also cultural understanding which includes geography and history etc. The study of a foreign language often also facilitates understanding of one’s own mother tongue and can therefore enrich and enhance English studies.

LATIN is taught as an after school lesson for those wishing to pursue this, and pupils have been successful in the study of Latin which is designed to develop and improve pupils awareness of the ancient world and its impact on life today. it also helps them progress linguistically through translation from Latin. It explores links between Latin and modern languages and thus aims to enhance and extend the pupils prowess both vocabulary and grammar in general.

The school celebrates the European Day of Languages on 26th September with a variety of activities such as competitions, quizzes, food tasting etc.