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International Week at Holme

26th Feb 2021

From Monday 22nd to Friday 26th February, Holme Grange celebrated International Week! Classes were rich with global education and students took part in quizzes and activities which challenged their perspective on different cultures. Online Zoom lessons saw backgrounds of world capitals and exotic landscapes being used, and Holme Grange saw how multilingual the school was!

On Thursday, Eaton Grange held an inter-house language competition whilst Prep students learnt how to sing ‘God is Good’ in four different languages (English, French, German and Spanish). Pre-Prep had a visit from Mrs Christine Kennedy (Head of Modern Foriegn Language) who taught them how to say simple French phrases as well as French culture. Many more activities took place throughout the school such as how to make Japanese origami birds, drawing Hawaiian masks, fun flamenco dancing, and learning how to cook international dishes! 

International Costume Day took place on the final day of International Week, where students and staff dressed in fantastic national outfits from around the world! Overall the week was full of wonder, excitement and joy in the learning of International languages!