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Summer of Inspiration Project

Our aim is to agree, as a school community, on the names of 19 individuals who have impacted others through their actions, transforming our world for the good of others – those who inspire change. We want to empower our young people to be active global citizens, and we want them to believe that they too, can build solutions to the challenges we face, making a lasting impact in a rapidly changing world.  The following is a list of the nominations that have been submitted together with some of the supporting evidence for the nomination.





Ahed Tamimi  Palestinian activist Tamimi is a young activist fighting children incarceration (having been jailed herself, as a child) and justice/human rights in the West Bank. . Tamimi is bold, dedicates herself to fighting injustice, helping others, aiming to inspire through knowledge and open debate. Caring about her community with eyes on the global. Along with Thunberg and Malala, Tamimi is showing the world how powerful a young girl’s voice can be, even in very difficult circumstances.
Alan Turing Mathematician  Alan Turing was a brilliant mathematician and the founder of computer science. Winston Churchill described his achievements as the single biggest contribution to allied victory in the war against Nazi Germany He broke the German enigma code which saved millions of lives and changed the course of the Second World War. Alan Turing’s work changed the world in the 1940s but still continues to influence todays AI and machine learning which will change the future.
Albert Einstein Theoretical physicist  Einstein is widely acknowledged to be one of the greatest and most influential physicists of all time. He is best known for developing the theory of relativity, but he also made important contributions to the development of the theory of quantum mechanics. Whilst Einstein achieved many great things, he struggled significantly with social interactions and didn’t speak full sentences until he was 5 years old. This demonstrates how much an individual can achieve. 
Anne Frank Diarist WWII The Diary of Anne Frank, which she wrote in hiding in Amsterdam, has been translated into more than 70 languages. In the diary, Anne wrote of her desire to help change the brutal world of Nazi occupation she found herself in. She wrote: I must hold on to my ideals. Perhaps the day will come when I’ll be able to realise them. Her writing allowed everyone to understand what it meant to live through those times. She exhibited the values that our important to us at school and she fundamentally believed that despite everything, people are good at heart. Her dream of being a famous writer sadly was realised after her death and not in a way she would have expected. Her true story touches people daily and shows that despite being a child she had the capability to change the world.
Audrey Hepburn British actress Audrey Hepburn was a ballerina, actress and a tireless humanitarian. Throughout WWII, Audrey endured hardships in Nazi-occupied Holland. She still managed to attend school and take ballet lessons. During this time her mother temporarily changed Audrey’s name to Edda Van Heemstra, worried that her birth name would reveal her British heritage. She followed a career of acting. In 1988 she began a new career as a special goodwill ambassador for United Nations Childrens Fund (UNICEF). She devoted herself to humanitarian work, visiting famine-stricken villages in Latin America, Africa, and Asia, until shortly before her death of cancer in 1993. Later that year she posthumously received the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Her childhood has recently been fictionalised in a new book by Tom Palmer (author booked for the HG Literary Festival) called Resist. was first impressed by Audrey Hepburn through her film My Fair Lady based on the book Pygmalion. I then discovered she was a ballerina. I had ballet lessons until I was 15 so she was a very elegant figure to follow. I did a project on her and discovered all the other things she had done and was so impressed by that. 
Auggie Pullman Fictional character Ten-year-old August, known by friends as Auggie, is about to embark on one of his biggest adventures, fifth grade. While life as the new kid can be difficult for anyone, Auggie has the added challenge of looking very different from anyone in his new school. Thanks to a genetic issue, Auggie’s face and head have unique features most people haven’t seen before. Add in scars from more than 20 surgeries and it’s no wonder this main character is a little self-conscious. Auggie sometimes feels like an average kid playing video games and being obsessed with Star Wars, until people start staring or making strange faces and rude comments. His sense of humour, loving family, and resilient nature make it hard for anyone not to love him. The nature of the story sends a powerful message to people of all ages. Readers learn about self-acceptance, self confidence, kindness and compassion. Auggie Pullman is based on a true story and he teaches us that kindness will always win, even in the most challenging of situations. Kindness offers us the opportunity to connect with others, building a stronger sense of community and unity with friends, family and the people around us. In a world where we can be anything, be kind!
Barack Obama 44th US President Barack Obama was the first African American president of the United States. His story is the American story – values from the heartland, a middle-class upbringing in a strong family, hard work and education as the means of getting ahead, and the conviction that a life so blessed should be lived in service to others. He oversaw the recovery of the U.S. economy and the enactment of landmark health care reform (the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act). The Obama administration also importantly adopted a climate change agreement signed by 195 nations to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and slow global warming. In 2009 he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. He is a good father, husband and leader who is kind and compassionate. He teaches us 7 principles that will make you an inspirational leader:

1. Read Opposing Books to Develop a Worldview.
2. Lifting Others is The Single Best Way to Rise
3. Strong Family Support Makes the Difference
4. You Move People by Emotions Not Facts
5. You Need Patience to Make Great Change
6. Include All People On Your Agenda
7. Let Go of Wanting to Be Perfect

It is his values and his accomplishments whilst in office that I admire and show the character and values of a person I believe should be one of the Holme Grange’s 19 most inspirational people.

Ben Stokes English cricketer Current England Men’s Cricket Captain, all-rounder and inspiration to the team, completely changing the ethos and attitude of the team. Was the main subject of a documentary, “Pheonix from the Ashes”, talking about his rise from humble roots, though tough times and adversity, suffering from mental health issues requiring a break from the game, to become the captain and driving force of a successful team. Come back from a lot of adversity to become England Cricket Captain. Spoke up about his mental health and took a break from the game to recover, breaking barriers for men and mental health.

Boyan Slat CEO of The Ocean CleanUp Boyan Slat is the 28 year old Dutch CEO of The Ocean Cleanup, a nonprofit company dedicated to ridding the world’s oceans of plastic. When Boyan was 18 he did a TED Talk about how when he was diving in Greece he noticed that there was more plastic than sea creatures. This inspired him to develop new technologies to rid the worlds oceans and rivers of plastic, a goal that many leading experts dismissed as impossible, but this did not discourage him. Boyan Slat was only 16 when he started the company – students at Holme Grange leave at 16 and so we could be inspired by how old he was when he started the company. He is very inspirational to listen to how he got his ideas and what the company does. I think the environment is one of the most important things to focus on helping for our future. Boyan Slat is the most inspirational to me as I love the technology and design of what he does.
Charles Darwin Naturalist Charles Darwin was one of the first to theorise about natural selection and became the most famous scientist for sharing his ideas. His work has been built upon since to give us our current understanding of evolution. He constantly asked questions and went out into the natural environment observing and studying a variety of different plants animals. He must have been incredibly curious.

Sir Charles K Kao Electrical engineer Sir Charles Kao Kuen is the father of fibre optic. Without his invention of optic fibre, we would not have our fast internet/data connection. His work laid the foundation for our modern days internet connection which bring the world closer. In the past, no one can imagine you can watch news from the other side of the world by just switching on your television or computer. His work and attitude demonstrate someone who can focus on their interest, in his case this was electronic engineering. His obsession for the trial and development to prove his concepts and theories in labs, are highly admirable and a good inspiration for kids to learn.
Claudette Colvin Civil rights activist In 1955, nine months before Rosa Parks, Claudette Colvin at 15-years-old refused to give up her seat and stand so a white person could sit down. She was manhandled off the bus by policemen and arrested. Rosa Park’s story was chosen for the ‘face of the resistance’ because Claudette was a teenager and pregnant. Many years later Claudette Colvin moved to New York and became a nurse. Claudette was the first person to be arrested for challenging the Montgomery bus segregation laws. Claudette Colvin is a great role model for young people so they can learn about the bravery of someone their age who ‘stayed seated’ for what was right. I also believe her name should be remembered more for her bravery in history.

Coco Chanel French fashion designer Chanel was able to reinvent the women’s fashion industry and change the way women were expected to act in public. She introduced the art of elegance and simplicity, helping women feel confident in what they wore. She showed women an example of what it is to speak and act for yourself. Education should empower individuals to be all they can be in the same way that Chanel supported the paradox of giving women permission to be anything and everything. Vulnerable and invincible, muses and artists in love within an oppressive world. Independent and just as much of a paradox as Chanel.
Dame Deborah James Journalist / Bowel babe Dame Deborah James’s Just Giving fund has now raised almost £7.5m! This fund raises money to fund clinical trials and research into personalised medicine for cancer patients and supporting campaigns to raise awareness of bowel cancer . Dame Deborah James showed incredible commitment to charitable campaigning, fundraising and raising awareness of cancer – which touches so many lives.

Deborah shared her experience of bowel cancer with the world to raise awareness, break down barriers, challenge taboos and change the conversation around cancer. Even in her most challenging moments, her determination to raise money and awareness was inspiring.

Sir David Attenborough Broadcaster Sir David Attenborough is the recipient of the Champions of the Earth Lifetime Achievement Award for his dedication to research, documentation, and advocacy for the protection of nature and its restoration. He has devoted his life to documenting the love story between humans and nature, and broadcasting it to the world. If we stand a chance of averting climate and biodiversity breakdowns and cleaning up polluted ecosystems, it’s because millions of us fell in love with the planet that he showed us on television, said Inger Andersen, UNEP Executive Director. Sir David’s work will continue to inspire people of all ages to care for nature and to become the restoration generation.

Attenborough’s career as a broadcaster, natural historian, author, and environmental advocate spans over seven decades. He is most famous for his work with the BBC’s Natural History Unit, including documentaries such as Life on Earth, the Living Planet, Our Planet and Our Blue Planet. In addition, his advocacy to preserve and restore biodiversity, transition to renewable energy, mitigate climate change and promote plant-rich diets contribute to the realization of many of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). UN environment programme

Sir David Attenborough has been a passionate champion for the natural world, dedicating his life to inspiring hundreds of millions around the world to love and care for nature and wildlife. Across more than 60 years, his universal appeal has transcended generations and borders,said Pavan Sukhdev, President of WWF International. With nature in crisis like never before, we need everyone on the planet to be a voice for nature and Sir David Attenborough has been a shining example of that advocacy. He has been integral in explaining nature to audiences and inspiring action for our planet, our one shared home. Sir David Attenborough has been a passionate champion for the natural world, dedicating his life to inspiring hundreds of millions around the world to love and care for nature and wildlife

Dhar Mann American entrepreneur Dhar Mann describes himself as a mission-driven entrepreneur. He is best known for his series of situational videos which each focus on a different moral story. Dhar Mann has helped millions of people worldwide to understand each other better. He takes common situations such as bullying, disabilities and poverty and helps the viewer understand and relate to the situation whilst providing moral direction at the end of the story. The resulting feel-good contemporary fables have proved irresistible watching for young and old alike with over 20 billion views across Facebook and YouTube. He emigrated with his parents from India at a young age, and whilst many of his early companies failed, he never gave up and now tells his stories via the modern media of streaming services and social networks, whilst running other successful businesses.
Dmitri Mendeleev Chemist Discovered a predictive version of the periodic table of elements . The discovery of elements fixed position in the table so that it became possible to predict behaviour of elements, what sort of physical properties it would have, how it would react etc.
Edward Jenner Physician Major advancement in medicine.
Elie Wiesel Auschwitz survivor, activist, author After the terrible suffering and pain he experienced during his time in the concentration camps, he vowed never to seek revenge. He believes things can change peacefully. His message is one of peace, atonement and human dignity.
Sir Elton John British singer, songwriter, musician He has inspired us through his vast number of hit records; his musical Billy Elliot that showcased the acting skills of young actors launching many a career; his autobiographical film, continued fundraising and personal donations to helping people with AIDS across the world, by influencing and changing the attitude of the tabloid press to same sex partnerships and families with same sex parents.

Sir Elton John should be one of the final nineteen names due to the pleasure he has given many through his music; the support provided to people with AIDS around the World through his relentless fundraising and personal donations; influencing the attitude of the press to same sex relationships and families with same sex parents; inspiring same sex couples to form a partnership and if desired to form families.

Queen Elizabeth II Longest reigning monarch Ascending to the throne aged just 25, Queen Elizabeth II is the longest reigning British monarch and female head of state. The Queen has been a steadying influence despite the ups and downs of recent years. She was the nations grandmother. The greatest servant our country has ever seen – a true inspiration.

A strong inspirational woman. She took on immeasurable duty from such a very young age, sacrificing a normal life to give public service to her country. She reigned for 70 years spanning decades of change and gave people reassurance and hope. In changing times, Queen Elizabeth II was one of our only constants and reassured our country when we needed her most. Her tact and diplomacy as well as her ability to always move with the times HRH has endured almost every life event thinkable during her tenure on the throne and remained adored by the British public. She also had a great sense of humour and genuine compassion for people. An experienced diplomat, The Queen has travelled more widely than any other monarch. She has devoted her life to service and even at the age of 96, has until recently carried out a full programme of engagements. She is loved and respected worldwide. She is incredibly hard-working and committed to her charitable causes and demonstrates integrity, stoicism, discretion and stability. 

Emmeline Pankhurst Political activist, suffragette Champion of woman suffrage whose 40-year campaign achieved complete success in the year of her death, when British women obtained full equality in the voting franchise. She was dedicated to promoting women’s equality; considered militant but absolutely committed to the cause and prepared to take the consequences of her actions – on trial she said “We are here not because we are law-breakers; we are here in our efforts to become law-makers.”
Erin Grace Kelly Niece of Mrs Cox One of the most positive, determined little people you will ever meet. At only 3, she shines brightly and is full of fun. Erin needs help with most daily tasks that we all take for granted and has been so brave through her many medical appointments. Erin has to take medicines many time through her day and receives an injection twice daily. She is a true example of the Holme Grange Way – being her best self in all she does. Her positive Growth Mindset shows that when you put your mind to things there is always a way, she has grit and resilience. Erin doesn’t ask for much in life she just loves going to her school and being with her family and friends. It is humbling to be in her presence to not take anything for granted.
Florence Nightingale Nurse She went against her parents wishes and trained to be a nurse to help all the soldiers in the Crimean War. She made huge changes to hospitals to ensure they were cleaner and more hygienic in order to care for the soldiers. 
Giannis Antetokounmpo
Greek professional basketball player
Giannis is one of 5 sons of Veronica and Charles who grew up facing harassment, intimidation and the daily threat of imprisonment as illegal immigrants in Greece, as his parents had fled Nigeria. Despite his harsh living conditions, his talent at basketball was recognised early and eventually he was able to sign for the Milwaukee Bucks, giving him and his family the chance to move to America, where they were given citizenship. Their life story is the subject of the film Rise, released in 2022. He proves that no matter where you come from you can always achieve your goals. Having made it to the NBA, he continued to help his family and his brothers in particular.
Greta Thunburg Environmental activist Greta Thunberg is a 19 year old teenager who is an Environmental activist and she is the worlds most known climate campaigner. Greta became the voice not only adults but also young people came to respect as she campaigned for the reduction of the carbon footprint. She won amongst other awards the International Childrens Peace Prize. This is a great example of how one young person was so moved by the destruction of our planet by humans that she decided to speak out and campaign for change. One small voice was heard and respected by millions of people . She is doing is right and changing the world in a good way and people are starting to learn from her and be friendly to the EARTH!..  
Isaac Newton English Mathematician Isaac Newton’s achievements in Mathematics, Physics and Astronomy have formed the basis of an enormous amount of the science that we have come to use today over three hundred years later. His explanations of mathematical mechanics and the nature of forces and motion along with his understanding of astronomy has helped us all make sense of our place in the universe. His explanation of gravity was core to the development of human knowledge and has enabled so many other brilliant scientists to take his work further in our quest to understand the wonder of the universe and the laws that govern it. His work and teachings have continued to be taught in education worldwide so they have affected more people than it is possible to estimate. His equations are used every day all over the world through their application to numerous aspects of science, engineering and mathematics.
Isambard Kingdom Brunel English civil engineer Brunel was an engineer. He made great structures like the Great Western Railway and the Royal Albert Bridge and the Clifton Suspension Bridge Brunel should be one of the 19 names because he made great things and changed the world forever with his ships, bridges, tunnels and much more! “one of the most ingenious and prolific figures in engineering history,” Whether crossing a bridge, passing through a tunnel or cruising on an ocean liner… your journey is likely to have been influenced by this astonishing engineer. Designing on an unprecedented scale for the time (Clifton Suspension bridge – conceived in 1830), the only thing bigger was Brunel’s ambition and tenacity. !
J K Rowling Author Creator of the Harry Potter Series, and other associated works. J.K.Rowling changed the face of children literature during my childhood. I grew up at the same rate and at the same time as Harry Potter, and the books inspired me to read at a time when perhaps I would not have. She started as a a humble writer in a coffee shop and has reached super-stardom through her effort, determination and creativity. The story of her set-backs when trying to get her book published adds to her demonstration of strength.
Jacinda Ardern Prime minister of New Zealand Jacinda Ardern is a modern woman who is a true role model to young girls and all women. She showed true leadership, both during the coronavirus pandemic and the Christchurch terror attack on a mosque. After the attack, she shared in the sorrow of the affected community with love and empathy. A few hours after the attack, she promised to clampdown on the country’s lax gun laws within 10 days. At a time when her country could have been divided by hate and suspicion, she managed to unify all communities. She is a young, contemporary politician, who is well respected and liked. She also has has an impeccable record for being honest and appears to what is in the best interest of her country and the people she represents.
Jeremy Clarkson TV presenter / farmer Diddly Squat farm in the Cotswolds was so named because Jeremy Clarkson found it hard to achieve much in farming in spite of long hours or to make any money. He has done much to show the difficulties of farming livestock and crops to make a living in the UK and Farmer’s weekly said he publicised this more than anyone else. 
Jessica Cox First licensed armless pilot / motivational speaker In 1983 in Arizona Jessica Cox was born without arms. When she was young she used prosthetic arms but when she was 14 she stopped using them as she felt they were holding her back. She learnt to use her feet like people use their hands, performing tasks with her feet such as driving cars, typing on a keyboard and even to put in her contact lenses! She had always dreamed of flying and in 2004 she flew in an airplane for the first time. Four years later she got a pilot’s licence, after a long three years of training and is now qualified to fly a light sport aircraft to limits of 10,000 feet. Jessica Cox drives, swims, scuba dives, flies, dances and has three black belts in Taekwondo which she achieved by competing against opponents who had both arms. Though she was different from everyone else, she never let her disability hold her back and she achieved things that most other people will never achieve.
Jesus Religious leader / son of God Jesus devoted his life to guiding people to live a Christian life with humility and kindness. Jesus was born in Bethlehem and his teachings have inspired and enabled humanity to form kind, fair and respectful societies. His legacy continues to provide a foundation for humanity in an ever changing world.
Jonathan Bryan Disabled writer / charity founder Jonathan Bryan has severe cerebral palsy, a condition that makes him incapable of voluntary movement or speech. He communicates his thoughts by using his eyes on an alphabet board to choose individual letters and spell out words, a long and laborious process. At the age of 12 he completed his book “Eye Can Write”, a stunning achievement which showed remarkable maturity in content and style. He also established his own charity “Teach Us Too” to advocate for all children to be taught to read and write regardless of their educational level or disability. Jonathan Bryan is one of the most remarkable teenagers I have ever come across. Not only is he exceptionally gifted, but he is also a courageous young man whose strong faith in the Lord Jesus has sustained him, enabling him to overcome severe obstacles in life and face the future with hope whilst also giving him the compassion to reach out and help others in similar situations achieve their full potential.
Sir John ‘Jacky’ Fisher British Admiral of the Fleet John Fisher was the designer behind the ‘Dreadnaught’ type battleship which was a huge technological invention. It included the Steam Turbine which would make engines more powerful and efficient as well as an ‘all big gun’ armament which made Naval guns more accurate and gave the Royal Navy a large boost ahead of its rivals. He was also an ‘Admiral of the Fleet’ the highest rank achievable in the Royal Navy. Admiral Fisher was the reason that the German High Seas Fleet was unable to break out into the Atlantic at the Battle of Jutland which limited just submarines to convoy raiding instead of big battleships. He also didn’t always have the most popular of views or ideas however he stuck by them and proved them to be good despite his opposition. He was also an inspiration to his sailors.,_1st_Baron_Fisher
Katia Krafft French Volcanologist Katia Krafft (1942-1991) was one of the few scientists who dedicated her life to observing and documenting live eruptions in person. She was passionate about volcanoes and ventured dangerously close to the spewing mouths of volcanoes. Together with her husband Maurice, who filmed her, she knew and understood the danger in getting so close to erupting volcanoes but she believed that the scientific research to be done there was critical. Her research and findings advanced volcanology and saved lives. She was able to educate the general public in volcanology and provided video evidence to politicians and leaders so that they took preventive actions. For example, in 1991,when Mount Pinatubo began to show signs of erupting, the Kraffts presented the Philippine President a video showing the effects of a 1985 eruption in Columbia which convinced him to evacuate those in the danger zone. Together with her husband, Katia Krafft wrote about 20 books and numerous scientific papers on volcanoes around the world. In addition, they collected unparalleled photographs and film footage of almost all major volcanic eruptions over 25 years, until they lost their lives during the eruption of Mount Uzen in Japan in June 1991. According to J. Keller in the Bulletin of Volcanology in 1992, Katia Krafft combined a formidable intelligence with “open-mindedness, sense of humour and friendly nature”. 
Kate Webb Parent My Mummy has bought me up to be the best person I can be and always encourages me to do my best. I want to be like my Mummy when I grow up. She is brilliant and loves me so much.
Katie Piper English writer / activist / presenter Following an acid attack that left her with life long facial disfigurement and blind in one eye, she has become a successful writer, presenter, model and activist. Here main work has been for the Katie Piper foundation, that she founded to help victims of burns and other facial disfigurements, and has received an OBE from Her Majesty the Queen for her work. For her courage, determination and self belief.
Laurence C Jones Educator Laurence C Jones started the first Afro American school after slavery was abolished. He was about to lynched when he spoke about the work he did. The white men about to murder him, cut him down and actually offered to help him. He made such a huge impact on them! The school he started was Piney Woods school. He made a difference to young children whose parents had been slaves. He worked so hard and devoted his life to educating young people who previously would have been destined to a life of not being able to read or write. He is inspirational. Even as he was about to die he spoke so beautifully that his would be murderers stopped the almost killing and gave him support instead.
Leah Williamson Captain of England Lionesses football team Leah Williamson has shown girls that football is available for them and that gender is no barrier to doing something you are passionate about. Leah played every minute of the Euros and they won it. She kept the team going. She was so determined! I also feel that she is a role model not just for girls but for everyone as she brought football home and gave us a summer to remember. She is a super star in our national game. Role model for girls world-wide; inspiring leader; defied criticism; rose to the challenge; celebrated with her team; had no privileges when she was younger; age 25 leading England.
Leymah Gbowee Liberian peace activist Leymah Gbowee received the Nobel Peace Prize in 2011 for her work in leading a womens peace movement that brought an end to the Second Liberian Civil War in 2003. Leymah was born in central Liberia in 1972. She was living with her parents and sisters in Liberia’s capital, Monrovia, when the First Liberian Civil War started. [Source: an appendix from UN Global Goals, ‘World’s Largest lesson: The Power of Peace’ document] Seeing the effects of war on Liberians, she decided to train as a trauma counsellor to treat former child soldiers. She organized her fellow Christian women to take action for peace. She then worked with Muslim women, bringing the two groups together for the first time. Leymah was the group’s spokesperson and led the women in weeks-long public protests that grew to include thousands of people. Leymah led the Women of Liberia Mass Action for Peace in public protests that forced Liberia’s President Charles Taylor to meet with them and agree to take part in formal peace talks in Ghana. Leymah is the founder and president of Gbowee Peace Foundation Africa based in Liberia. Her foundation provides educational and leadership opportunities to girls, women and youth in West Africa.
Ludwig van Beethoven Composer Beethoven wrote the most wonderful and memorable music, encompassing a wide range of musical instruments. This alone is genius, but what made him even more incredible is that he become increasingly deaf during his life, until he could hardly hear at all – and yet even then, he was able to compose beautiful music. Imagine being able to do this when you cannot hear the notes. He is an inspirational figure because he shows that you can achieve greatness.
Maddie Moate TV presenter Maddie Moate is a cbeebies presenter and also a you tube star. She presents do you know and also founded let’s go live during lockdown.

She inspires people to look after the planet and teaches us how to do it. She also teaches science in a really fun way. Maddie set up let’s go live during lockdown which we really enjoyed and loved doing science experiments inspired by the programme. She encourages you to stay curious.

Mahatma Gandhi Indian lawyer Mahatma Gandhi is not just an individual who made a difference to one country but has become the most significant leader in India. But most of all has inspired and still is inspiring many globally to this day.His humble yet fierce actions have touched the world’s heart to lighting a burning fire of passion in them. He chose to sacrifice himself for his country to make sure nobody would ever have to live a future without freedom. I didn’t even have to think for an answer to this question because I knew that I wouldn’t be here without Mahatma Ghandi. As I am from India myself he is and always will be the most inspirational person in my eyes, leaving a mark in everyone who has heard of him no matter their origin!
Mair Russell-Jones WWII codebreaker A team of women were also crucial in deciphering the Nazi Enigma code, alongside Alan Turing. One of them was a young woman from Wales Mair Jones . We walk in relative democratic freedom today thanks in part to those Bletchley Park code breakers. Mair Jones and her all female team of code crackers had to put up with miserable conditions, including mistrust and false accusations from their own countrymen and even close relatives while they kept their roles at BP hidden from the public, and, more importantly, from the enemy. She did not break her code of silence even when she was informed that the implications of the official secrets act no longer applied to the code crackers of BP. Her own children did not know her role at BP until her grandchildren started to investigate the true impact she had on the war effort. A true hero of trust and fidelity.
Malala Yousafzai Pakistani education activist Malala Yousafzai, often referred to mononymously as Malala, is a Pakistani activist for female education and the 2014 Nobel Peace Prize laureate. Awarded when she was 17, she is the world’s youngest Nobel Prize laureate, and the second Pakistani and the first Pashtun to ever receive a Nobel Prize. On 2012 the Taliban said that girls could no longer go to school and learn. She loved school and so spoke out publicly on behalf of girls and our right to learn. And this made her a target. Seated on a bus heading home from school, Malala was talking with her friends about schoolwork. Two members of the Taliban stopped the bus. A young bearded Talib asked for Malala by name, and fired three shots at her. She became famous overnight for putting the right to learn before herself and standing up to the taliban. She should be one of the 19 as she is brave & stands up for women’s rights. 
Marcus Rashford Footballer Marcus Rashford has achieved success with both Manchester United and his country England. He is a campaigner against racism, homelessness and child hunger. Marcus has been praised for using his platform to be a political activist and philanthropist to drive societal change. During lockdown he made it his mission to make sure all children had a decent meal. Marcus is seen as an inspiration to many young boys and girls for what he does on the football pitch, but the impact he has made on so many children’s lives from his work off the pitch is huge. He used his fame and fortune to benefit others and shown that there is more to him than kicking a ball.
Marie Curie Scientist During a time when few women had the opportunity to get education, she won a Nobel Prize for chemistry and physics. Her discoveries about radiation play a vital role in cancer treatments. First woman to win Nobel Prize and first person and woman to win it twice. First woman to become a professor at the university of Paris. Marie Curie was extremely successful and a real pioneer in science. She discovered radium. Although it was very difficult – if not impossible for a woman to be heard in scientific circles at this time, she did not give up. She also continued in the face of adversity – when she lost her husband who had been a great support in a tragic accident she continued with her work. She pushed the boundaries of gender to use her education to discover elements which are vital in radiation treatments for cancer patients.
Martin Luther King Jr American minister Martin Luther King was a man who stood up for his beliefs despite risks to his life. He wanted people to be judged by character and not colour of skin. He changed attitudes by peaceful means and his oratory skills. Truly pushed for equality for all. For changing the lives of African Americans for the better.
Martin Odegaard Footballer Odegaard is a midfielder in Arsenal FC. Odegaard is inspirational because he has taken years to hone his football skills. His dedication and skills encourage me to play football.
Mary Anning Palaeontologist and fossil collector Mary Anning was born in 1799 in Lyme Regis, Dorset and died in 1847. A young lower-class woman in a man’s world. She was struck by lightning at 15 months old – all the others who were struck died; but Mary survived. She had little education, but could read and taught herself geology and anatomy. She discovered, excavated and assembled the first ever ichthyosaur but when it was sold to a museum the whole find was credited to her brother who only found the skull. A pioneer in palaeontology. The fossils she found are important as they provide information about prehistoric life and it’s evolution. They also provide information about the site’s climate at the time of prehistoric life. Finally, Mary Anning’s careful and detailed documentation of her finds is helpful when re-examining fossils (e.g. in university or in museum collections).
Mary Wollstonecraft British writer A woman of conviction and early feminist. Intellectually able and adept, fiercely academic and a vehicle for social change…. Betty Freidan, Simone de Beauvoire, Germaine Greer et al owe her a considerable debt. … but also vulnerable and suffered much in her life, battling mential health issues and personal tragedy.
Maya Angelou Memoirist / poet Maya Angelou had a very traumatic childhood and young adult life, during the period where black people in America suffered terrible racism. She rose above this and went on to fight for equal rights with Martin Luther King and Malcolm X. She also became an actress, singer poet and author. Maya Angelou has inspired so many young women to fight for their rights and not to settle for anything less than their desire. She has been awarded over 50 honorary degrees showing that she is admired not only by young women,
Michelle Obama Former first lady of USA, lawyer Michelle is an inspiration because of her personal achievements as a lawyer and her notable achievement as the first FLOTUS of African American descent. Her legacy of improving school meals in public schools and her work to promote the rights of women and girls. She served as a role model for women and inspired young women to work hard and be heard. Michelle founded an organisation that prepares young people for careers in the public services as well as setting up ‘Let’s move’ to promote healthy eating and exercise for children to prevent obesity.

Michelle was an inspirational women to many, she worked hard during her time as first lady as well as raising two daughters in the White House and allowing them as much freedom to grow under the spotlight. Michelle has an enormous amount of empathy, was resilient when she needed to be and co-operated with others to create the Let’s move campaign, all qualities we aspire our children to be at Holme Grange, this is why Michelle should be one of the final names.

Miep Gies Dutch writer Miep Gies was born on 15 February 1909 in Vienna. Following the First World War, 11 year old Miep was sent to the Netherlands, as part of a relief project and she was fostered by a Dutch family. When she was 24, she started working for Otto Frank, Anne Frank’s father. In 1942, Otto Frank and his family decided to go into hiding from the Nazis and Otto asked Miep to help them. She did not hesitate for a second. The whole time the Franks and others were in hiding in their Secret Annex, Miep visited them daily, bringing food, drink and library books. She also hid a Jewish student in her own home. Anne Frank said ‘Miep is just like a pack mule, she fetches and carries so much. Almost every day she manages to get hold of some vegetables for us and brings everything in shopping bags on her bicycle.’

When the 8 people in hiding in the Franks’ Secret annex were discovered and arrested on 4 August 1944, Miep found Anne’s diary and kept it safe, hoping to return it to her one day. She also helped to keep Otto Frank’s business running. In June 1944, following the liberation of the Netherlands, Otto Frank returned to Amsterdam and stayed with Miep and her husband for 7 years. When, in 1945, it became clear that Anne had died in the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp, Miep gave Otto the diary. Thanks to her actions we have an abiding and important account of that terrible time. I believe Miep Gies to be an inspirational figure, as she risked everything, even her own life, to help others. She was not in danger from the Nazis herself, yet she did not hesitate in doing all she could to save as many people as she could. Miep is not a famous person, and did not seek fame or recognition for what she did. In fact, had Anne Frank not written a diary, noone would ever have known what she did. I believe she should be one of the final 19 names, because she represents all of the unsung heroes who do so much for the good of others, and she shows that ordinary people can do extraordinary things.

Mo Mowlam MP Being born and spending formative years growing up in Northern Ireland towards the end of the troubles, Mo Mowlam was a key figure in bringing peace and stability to Northern Ireland after 30 years of violence. At a time when female politicians were still criminally underrepresented in senior cabinet positions, Mo Mowlam was fiercely committed to one of the most difficult roles imaginable at the time – Secretary of State for Northern Ireland. She was a tenacious and forthright politician whose contributions undoubtedly left a mark on recent Irish history.
Dr Mya-Rose Craig British-Bangladeshi ornithologist Mya-Rose is known as ‘Birdgirl’ and has done many things in order to combat the lack of diversity in nature, including setting up an organisation called Black2Nature. ‘We campaign for equal access to nature for all but concentrate on Visibly Minority Ethnic (VME) communities who are currently excluded from the countryside. We run nature camps, arrange nature activities, organise race equality in nature conferences and campaign to make the nature conservation and environmental sectors ethnically diverse.’ Mya-Rose has worked alongside Greta Thunberg but is less well known even though she is British. ‘I am a 19-year-old prominent British-Bangladeshi ornithologist, environmentalist, diversity activist as well as an author, speaker and broadcaster. At age 11 I started the popular blog Birdgirl, and at age 17 I became the youngest person to see half of the birds in the world.’ 
Nelson Mandela Anti-apartheid activist / first president of South Africa Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela was a South African anti-apartheid activist who served as the first president of South Africa from 1994 to 1999.
Mandela is considered the father of Modern South Africa. He was instrumental in tearing down the oppressive government and installing democracy. Mandela received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1993 for peacefully destroying the Apartheid regime and laying the foundation for democracy. His view that remembrance rather than revenge was the way to move forward in a very divided country. He refused to be cynical and promoted peace, justice and freedom for all.
Nick Vujicic Australian-American evangelist Nick Vujicic was born with tetra-amelia syndrome, a rare disorder characterized by the absence of all four limbs. His videos on YouTube have inspired millions and millions of people with his message to love life and live without limits. He was tormented to such an extent that at the age of 10 he attempted suicide. After years of feeling alone and worthless, he had an epiphany one day while reading an article. His speeches are very inspiring. He includes lots of humour to get across very important messages. He has spoken to people all around the world but his talks to children in different countries about topics such as bullying are amazing.
Ray Edwards Quad amputee I met Ray several years ago when i invited him to come and talk with the children in a previous school. He told his story of how he became a quadruple amputee and the work he does to help other amputees in the UK and around the world to access prosthetic limbs, and to gain information and support. I think Ray and the work he does is so important to those who are amputees through all types of circumstances. He is an extremely personable man who has worked so hard to provide for people who need the support.
Roald Dahl British writer Roald Dahl was a British novelist, short-story writer, poet, screenwriter, and wartime fighter pilot of Norwegian descent. His books have sold more than 250 million copies worldwide. Dahl has been called “one of the greatest storytellers for children of the 20th century”. Roald has inspired, and continues to inspire, adults and children alike with his curiously creative wacky tales; he allows silliness and has touched so many people’s lives, bringing families together to listen to his stories through books, films and the theatre. His legacy continues to inspire via more modern ventures such as the Roald Dahl Museum and Story Centre, Roald Dahl Week and the Roald Dahl Marvellous Children’s Charity, which provides specialist nurses and support for seriously ill children. There’s a bit of Charlie Bucket, Matilda Wormwood and even Miss Trunchbull in all of us! 😉
Rosa Parks Civil rights actiivist Rosa Parks born 1913, was an American civil rights activist and is best known for inspiring the Montgomery bus boycott which lasted 381 days. The result of Rosa refusing to give up her paid for seat on a bus for a white man was being arrested for civil disobedience and violation of Alabama‚Äôs segregation laws.Rosa became a beacon for the civil rights movement and collaborated with leaders such as Edgar Nixon and Martin Luther King Jr. Rosa lost her job as a seamstress as a result of her conviction and received years of death threats. Rosa received the Presidential Medal of Freedom and the Congressional Gold Medal during her lifetime and when she died she became the first woman to lay in honour in the Capitol Rotunda. Some US states commemorate Rosa Parks Day on Feb 4th and some commemorate her arrest on Dec 1st. Rosa Parks was a catalyst in the civil rights movement in the United States when she refused to give up her seat to a white man on a Montgomery, Alabama bus in 1955. Her actions inspired the leaders of the local Black community to organize the Montgomery Bus Boycott. Led by a young Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., the boycott lasted more than a year during which Parks lost her job‚ -and ended only when the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that bus segregation was unconstitutional. Over the next half-century, Parks became a nationally recognised symbol of dignity and strength in the struggle to end entrenched racial segregation. Rosa Parks was not afraid to stand up for what she believed in, even in the face of adversity. She suffered for the sake of others and was truly selfless in her actions. Rosa Parks should be one of the 19 for her courage, for her determination and her tenacity. Rosa showed that one person cannot change the world alone, but one person can start that change.
Roy Dennis Conservationist Roy Dennis is a renowned conservationist and has been a pioneer of rewilding projects in the UK since 1959. His projects include the re-introduction of osprey, red kite, golden eagle and, most recently, white-tailed eagles to the Isle of Wight. In 1992, he was awarded an MBE for services to nature conservation in Scotland and in 2004 won the RSPB Golden Eagle Award for being the person who had done most for nature conservation in Scotland in the last 100 years. If, like me, you enjoy watching the red kites circling above our school grounds you probably have conservationists like Roy Dennis to thank. 30 years ago red kites were confined to a dwindling population of a few breeding pairs in Central Wales. in 1990 birds were re-introduced to the Chilterns alongside projects initiated by Roy Dennis in Scotland. Over the next 20 years there have been further releases at other sites in England with the result that red kites can now be seen regularly in almost all English Counties.
Sacagawea Shoshone Indian interpreter for expedition Sacagawea (born c. 1788, near the Continental Divide at the present-day Idaho-Montana border [U.S.] – died December 20, 1812?, Fort Manuel, on the Missouri River, Dakota Territory). A Shoshone Indian woman who, as interpreter, travelled thousands of wilderness miles with the Lewis and Clark Expedition (1804-06), from the Mandan-Hidatsa villages in the Dakotas to the Pacific Northwest. Sakagawea was the equivalent age of year 11 Holme Grange pupil when she set out to assist an expedition across 8000 miles of territory in the US over 2 years 4 months and 10 days – all whilst carrying her small baby (only 3 months old when she set out on the trek) on her back. She makes our challenges of school drop offs, homework and revision all seem very tame. She also inspired American suffragettes and now has many statues, books and even a US gold coin in her honour. Were it not for Sakagewea, the expedition by Lewis and Clark would have failed. And yet she was only 16 with a small child to look after crossing 1000s of miles. In 2001 U.S. Pres. Bill Clinton granted her a posthumous decoration as an honorary sergeant in the regular army. What better example of what can be achieved, even at a young age and in very difficult circumstances. She chose to make the very best of her situation and used her intellect and amazing knowledge learned from her family tribes and often very difficult experiences to enable the expedition to succeed. It would be great to have her story and achievements become more familiar to us all in the UK and a reference for our inspiration at Holme Grange.

The best explanation of her achievements are explained in the BBC iplayer Podcast “You’re Dead to Me”

Sally Sycha Parent Mummy’s wheelchair rugby team the Berkshire Banshees, has been promoted to the Championship, and mummy has qualified as a coach for the kids team, currently called the Berkshire Bantams. She has been working hard when life has been tough and she keeps on going and never gives up. She works hard and plays fair in wheelchair rugby.
Professor Sarah Gilbert English vaccinologist Co-developed the Oxford Astra Zeneca Vaccine, the only Covid vaccine which was non profit making and provided for free therefore and helped save the lives of many people around the world, particularly those at risk in poorer countries. The Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine has been crucial for fighting covid-19 in the UK and many low-income countries. The unprecedented speed of its manufacture was only possible because the technology underpinning it had been in development for years before the pandemic struck. It was the only vaccine that was made/given for free and was non profit making and used for the greater good.
Dame Sarah Storey Cyclist Sarah is an amazing athlete and is a motivational speaker. Sarah is an excellent role model for girls who demonstrates the HG values and learning habits in a clear and practical way. I think she should be one of the 19 names because her life may encourage our HG girls to really go for it in sports and be proud of what they can achieve.
Sarina Weigman Dutch football manager Won the UEFA Women’s Coach of the Year award after victory at UEFA Women’s EURO 2022; First Dutch female centurion, when she reached 100 caps for the Netherlands with an appearance against Denmark in 2001; UEFAEURO 2017 Winner; FIFA Women’s World Cup runner-up; FIFA best Women’s coach 2017. Sarina has had an incredible football career herself, in a time where women’s football was banned in the Netherlands, she cut her hair short and joined the boys team! Her talent was evident, and she represented the Netherland senior squad at the age of 16. She has also been an inspirational coach for the lionesses since 2021 leading the team towards multiple successes. She has been the face of a great surge in female participation across the nation.
Scott Harrison CEO of charity: water The organization set out on a big mission, to bring clean water to every person living without it, and an even bigger vision, to reinvent charity with an innovative 100% model and radical transparency, proving every single water project funded. I think it’s inspirational for someone to board a ship travelling to the most deprived parts of the world. To then turn experiences into action, whilst also focussing on creating model of charity which is transparent is the definition of change-maker.
Serena Williams US tennis player An incredible athlete who has dominated tennis for over 20 years winning 20+ grand slams. Serena is a brilliant example of a person who has over come extreme hardship, racism, personal tragedy with the death of close family member, the pressure of being a woman of colour and fighting the social injustice in the USA to become a symbol of hope to other women of what can be achieved, no matter who you are or where you are from. Serena has always stated the importance of working hard, staying humble and fighting for those who don’t have a voice which is a strong message I know all HG members believe in too.
Steph Curry Basketball player Steph’s father was an NBA player so his career was already decided when he was born. Steph has always loved basketball, playing a lot as a kid. He played in high school and college and the first and only team he has for played for as a professional is the San Francisco Golden State Warriors. He has won 4 NBA championships and has been named MVP (most valuable player) 2 times.  Steph Curry is inspirational because of his height which is considered short in the NBA as he is only 6 feet 3 inches. People believe that the taller you are the better you are at basketball, but Steph is shorter than the average point guard (the position he plays in the game). He holds the record for most 3 pointers in one season which was 272, proving that he is an amazing player even if he is considered short. Steph has shown that its important to never give up and don’t listen to people’s negative thoughts and comments. Always stay positive and go for it!
Stephen Fry Actor / Author I’m currently reading Mythos – a book which tells us about the stories of the Greeks in his unique style of writing. I’ve watched QI, played LittleBigPlanet and am currently reading Mythos. Stephen has a unique way of using the English language to appeal to the masses – in QI, his teacher-like authority makes his explanations of quite interesting “useless” facts fun and informative. The same goes with Mythos to fully understand the Ancient Greek stories – which can be very complex to get your head around.
Stephen Hawking English theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking is a famous physicist that did work on black holes and the universe. He had motor neurone disease which affected his ability to move. He overcame his disability and achieved much more than most able bodied people. Stephen Hawking is inspirational because it reminds us that even if we find things difficult, with enough determination we can achieve our goals.
Steve Jobs American entrepreneur He’s a technology god! He had amazing vision and took risks! He’s made my life better with the iPad and Pixar movies!! AND soon when I am in year 7 – the iPhone!! He gets my vote! Steve Jobs revolutionized the world with ground-breaking innovations with the personal computer, iPod, iPhone, and iPad. He also invested in Pixar and mentored the development team which funded movies like Toy Story! Without Steve Jobs, Toy Story and all the other amazing Pixar animations might never have existed. Steve was and still is a role model for many struggling entrepreneurs, ousted business leaders, college drop-outs, adoptees, and disease-fighting people who could relate to his journey. Steve Jobs should be one of the final nineteen as he teaches us five lessons for life:
Mother Teresa Indian-Albanian nun Mother Teresa dedicated her life from a very young age to help those you were less fortunate. She was the founder of the Order of the Missionaries of Charity in Calcutta which provided services such as hospices and centres for the blind/elderly/disabled. Mother Teresa started her career as a teacher, just like many of us at Holme Grange and eventually become a principal, leading an all girls Catholic school. She was a selfless person, always putting others before her own needs and I feel this is a quality that everyone should have instilled in them from a young age. 
Tim Berners-Lee Computer scientist A British person who invented the internet and changed life as we know it for billions of people worldwide. As educators, the sharing of knowledge is central to our daily lives. Sir Tim Berners-Lee changed the way knowledge is accessed and shared for billions of people worldwide. The sharing of this knowledge has enabled an exponential growth in our ability to solve the worlds largest problems, from healthcare to technology to transportation. There is literally no area of our lives that have been untouched by this great British man.
Tom Ilube British entrepreneur Britain’s top tech entrepreneur, created an amazing school for gifted girls in Ghana, first black chair of Rugby England, inspirational speaker, leader and mentor. I like how he uses education to empower the less powerful in society.
Captain Sir Tom Moore British army officer and fundraiser Captain Tom Moore was an army veteran. At the beginning of the Coronavirus lockdown, he challenged himself to walk 100 laps of his 50 metre garden before his 100th birthday with the aim to raise £1000 for NHS charities and raise public awareness for the NHS. Captain Tom could recall the days before the NHS creation when getting ill meant worrying about having to pay for treatment. Captain Tom smashed his original target by inspiring the nation the donate towards his worthy cause and finally raised £38.9 million for NHS charities. Captain Sir Tom Moore should be one of the final nineteen inspirational people as he continued to display the courage, determination and resilience he showed to survive World War 2 in the new challenge he set himself and showed that even at the age of nearly 100 years old there is much you can achieve in life if you put your mind to it! He was able to inspire the younger generations to follow his lead
Dr Vandana Shiva Author Who is she? ‘A rebellious rock star in the debate about who feeds the world’ Daughter of an Indian forest conservationist, she has a degree in Nuclear Physics and a PhD in Quantum Theory. Yet she beautifully marries her fierce scientific knowledge with a more spiritual and wise understanding about Mother Earth and the interconnectivity of nature. She uses her expertise to defend poor, uneducated Indian farmers against large corporate agribusiness, in order that farmers can be self-reliant at the local level and provide food for their community whilst nurturing their environment for the future. She is both a scholar and activist, using her courage and wisdom to raise awareness of regenerative farming and fair trade practices, promoting soil health, richness and diversity in harmony with nature without reliance on fossil fuel-generated fertilisers, genetically modified seed, factory farming, monoculture, processing, packaging, long distance transport and exploitative practices. She stands against the fake, corporate ‘green-washing’, or in India, the so-called ‘Green Revolution’ where multi-nationals often say the right things but their actions are quite another. She stands against the monetisation of nature that is being ushered in via government schemes at the behest of corporations and profit. Vandana Shiva should be one of the final nineteen names as she would provide so many topics for learning.
Vasily Aleksandrovich Arkhipov   Saved the world from possible nuclear war. He stopped a nuclear missile being launched at America from Cuba. 
Virginia Hall Spy Virginia Hall was an American citizen who volunteered to be involved in special operations during WWII as a spy in France. She saved the lives of many agents and allied soldiers in France, risking her own life multiple times. She did all this despite having a wooden leg herself. After the war, she joined the CIA but was never accepted or respected as a woman – there has since been a formal apology for these actions. Virginia Hall was a brave woman who chose to help save lives during a time of warfare, never concerned about her own safety, and never seeking glory. She did everything despite a physical disability, and being a woman at a time when both of these factors led to prejudice. She has also not received the recognition she should have after the war, despite being such a hero. She is an example for us all as a woman who would not be deterred by disability or gender roles, and who believed in doing what was morally right despite the risks.
Volodymyr Zelenskyy
President of Ukraine President Zelensky has shown amazing strength having not only been elected as President of his country having previously had a career as a Comedian, but has now found himself fighting for his Country and is showing unbelievable strength, loyalty and leadership skills!
Sir Winston Churchill British statesman / soldier / writer In 1940, within days of being elected as Prime Minister, this deeply religious man was challenged to face up to reality. Britain had to make peace with Hitler’s Germany. He believed otherwise and rallied the English language to aid him in defeating the powers of darkness, fear and distrust. For two long years he proceeded to ‘push water uphill’ with growing support from his nation, until finally the tide turned and defeat was no longer inevitable! At a dark time in English history, this man stood alone facing almost inevitable defeat. He received no encouragement, no reassurance nor any good news – but he believed firmly and resolutely in the rightfulness of his campaign to keep Britain in the fight against the Nazi aggressor. As a result of his actions in leading our country, the tide started to turn, history swung his way and the Alliance was formed, leading directly to victory in Europe.

No man has been more influential more for his country and the freedom of the people to choose their own destiny.

Churchill effectively won WWII for Britain with his stirring speeches inspiring the nation never to give up. He was Britain’s greatest wartime leader, without whose actions and determination not to be defeated we would be living an entirely different life today. Winston Churchill should be on the list of 19 people because he helped Britain live through one of the toughest times in the history of the country. Nazi Germany was the powerhouse of Europe and had made several countries such as the French and the Belgians fall to their knees within a matter of days. Britain too was under the same pressure as the rest but we pulled through because of the fight and resilience of Churchill. He not only gave the army troops confidence he also gave the civilians hope and fight to live on by presenting one of the worlds most famous speeches ( we shall fight on the beaches).

Mrs Wootton Teacher Mrs Wootton inspires me to keep trying when I find things hard
Womens England football team   Won the Euros this year.–women-s-euro-2022-meet-the-winners/ A wonderful example of teamwork and an inspiration to girls and women. This team is proof that women’s football has well and truly arrived. Not only have the team inspired young girls but they have inspired the nation. The reason it was so inspirational is because both my daughters dream of playing professional football when they are older. This shows them their dream could come true.