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Homework is a valuable feature of the learning process, contributing to the development of good independent study/work patterns when used constructively.

Homework is given to:

  1. assist the development of good study and work habits.
  2. provide younger children with reading mileage
  3. provide practice opportunities for basic fact, spelling, reading etc.
  4. provide older students particularly with the opportunity to practise new learning and to reinforce skills and strategies.

Homework timetables are put in place at the beginning of the year and are displayed in each class .

Homework is set for children from Year 3 although reading and spellings are given in the Pre Prep and ‘fun’ learning activities may be given to younger pupils. Homework consolidates and/or compliments the work done in class.

Homework is set according to the age and ability of each child. Homework can take the form of work cards, worksheets, investigations or research projects. Some subjects, such as Science, lend themselves to investigations and are therefore naturally more open-ended and allow pupils to conduct research and to present their findings in a variety of ways.

Other areas, such as Mathematics, require a particular topic-area or method to be practised and are therefore more directed. As we take into account the individual needs of our pupils, please do speak to the relevant teacher if your child is struggling to complete the given tasks, is unable to meet deadlines or requires extra work.