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Holme Grange School Joins Forces With Flagship School in Japan

22nd Sep 2023

On Tuesday 19th September we signed a Memorandum of Understanding to solidify our Sister School Partnership with Tsuda Gakuen High School in Japan. The schools will be working together and developing programmes ensuring pupils receive a global education.

Our first exciting project aims to provide learning opportunities and develop connections through a video diary entitled ‘A Day in the Life’. Both schools will look to communicate the spirit of each school then explore similarities and differences.

Claire Robinson, Headteacher explained how honoured they were to be partnered with Japan’s flagship school in this endeavour, and she was looking forward to fostering meaningful relations for pupils and staff alike. She feels that, “this alliance not only epitomises international collaboration at its finest but also sets a powerful example for our students, affirming that when diverse minds come together, great things can happen.”

“Through this partnership, we aim to develop global competencies and cultural appreciation among our staff and students alike. Our School parliament—with councils focusing on sustainability, learning, service, and wellbeing—is eager to interact and collaborate with their Japanese counterparts. Our students will in the years to come enter a workplace that will be different from the marketplace of their parents, we want our pupils to compete on a global stage.”

An exciting connection here at the heart of Wokingham.