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Holme Grange School Celebrates NACE Challenge Award 2nd Reaccreditation

14th Dec 2020

Holme Grange School has been awarded it’s 2nd reaccreditation of the NACE Challenge Award. Despite the difficulties produced by COVID19, Holme Grange has faced Challenges head on and continues to strive for excellence in all aspects of education.

Observing action and challenge in the School, the assessor has credited ‘Challenge for All’ as “both pupils and staff strive for greater things” in day-to-day activities. The award is based on the NACE Challenge Framework, which is divided into six elements, each detailing an area for ‘high-quality provision for the more able within a whole-school ethos’.

When interviewed, pupils have shared that they “Really enjoy their learning at Holme Grange and say that their teachers push and challenge them in their lessons, especially when they have the opportunity to be analytical, work in-depth or have a “very hard task”. They enjoy leadership opportunities such as starting up a cub or leading a House competition”.

To achieve the NACE Challenge Award, the school must complete a detailed self-analysis using the Challenge Framework, submit a portfolio of supporting documents and undertake an assessment by NACE every three years.

Holme Grange School continues to provide a rich, diverse, and well-rounded education that nurtures the latest talents and abilities. We are delighted to achieve a 2nd reaccreditation and enjoy being the Regional Hub for NACE.