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Holme Grange School and Holly Cottage Nursery to become one

23rd Feb 2023

Exciting plans are announced today, as Holme Grange and Holly Cottage Nursery become one, coming together with shared values and ethos.

This significant announcement is very much something to celebrate. Holme Grange School, recently judged to be Excellent in all areas by the Independent Schools Inspectorate, has always been adaptable, forward-looking, and ambitious. Known for its outstanding pastoral care and dedication to supporting the development of the whole child – where the social, emotional and personal development contributes to the academic achievement and future success of their pupils.

Both Holme Grange and Holly Cottage strongly believe that the Early Years Education and Care, is more than just preparation for school. It focuses on the holistic development of a child’s social, emotional, cognitive and physical needs in order to build a solid and broad foundation for lifelong learning and well‑being.

There is also evidence of positive longer-term impacts of quality early childhood education and care provision for young people and adults in relation to exam performance, the labour market and mental wellbeing in later life.

This exciting coming together of Holme Grange School and Holly Cottage Nursery, results in an opportunity for a seamless provision from birth to 16.

Holme Grange’s Headteacher Claire Robinson said: “We are very excited that Holly Cottage, will be joining the Holme Grange family. Our primary focus is always to strive for excellence in all we do and ensure we continue to provide an outstanding educational and caring provision for all our pupils. In 2018 Holme Grange was awarded the ISA Early Years Award for Excellence and Innovation for our work in delivering a highly successful neuro-development fine and gross motor skills programme to young children, which we continue to follow.

Over recent months we have been working alongside staff at Holly Cottage, on projects which inspire awe and wonder, such as incubating, hatching and caring for chicks, and more recently visits to the School farm and recycling workshops. Holly Cottage have an incredibly caring, committed and dedicated team and I look forward to working alongside them to continue with the excellent work they are doing.

Mel and her team have created an incredible nursery, sharing values and ethos makes it easy to retain all that has been established. Now, together as one, we can continue to be a bold pioneer in taking on the exciting challenges of a fast-moving and ever-evolving educational landscape.”

Melissa Brant, founder of Holly Cottage Nursery, said: “Holme Grange’s vision and mission is completely aligned to Holly Cottage’s. I cannot think of a better place for the nursery, as I retire. I know our children, their families and our staff will be in wonderful hands.”