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Virtual Easter Services

2nd Apr 2021

On Monday 22nd and Tuesday 23rd March Holme Grange School remembered and reflected on the Easter story in their live streamed virtual Easter Services. Headteacher, Mrs Claire Robinson was joined by Father Richard Lamey from St Paul’s Church in Wokingham and virtual guests Brother Joseph and Madam Eunice from their partner School Our Lady of Nazareth, in Nairobi, Kenya.

The services followed the Easter story with the Student Leadership Team reading verses from the Bible narrating Jesus’ journey through the Stations of the Cross. Students created six physical exhibits around the School depicting Jesus’ journey from Psalm Sunday to the Crucifiction and Resurrection. Mrs Robinson said  “The six stations provide us with an opportunity to reflect and spend some time in silence, perhaps thinking and valuing Easter and what it means.”

The services also included virtual hymns from Holme Grange pupil and staff choirs. The Year 7&8 choir sang ‘The Spirit Lives’ and mixed Student Musical Ensembles accompanied the Service. Our Lady of Nazareth pupils also shared international Easter messages and songs of praise. The services concluded with the whole community singing a musical setting ‘Our Father’.

The Service was the perfect way to end an unusual term bringing the whole community together for a period of reflection and thanksgiving.