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Holme Grange Firework Display

11th Nov 2019

Story from our roving pupil reporter Lara in Year 5.

On November 8th, 2019 it was Holme Grange School’s annual Bonfire Night organized by the PAA. Many pupils attended escorted by their family members and they were able to enjoy a wonderful firework display whilst sweets and drinks were sold by members of the PAA.

Bonfire Night was originally called Guy Fawkes Night. It takes place annually on the 5th November to celebrate the discovery of the scheme prepared by Catholic plotters including Guy Fawkes to blow up the House of Parliament in London in 1605. Many people light up bonfires and set off fireworks as a remembrance for that day.

I interviewed a year 5 girl called Emma who seemed to enjoy the night. She exclaimed, “The fireworks were so fun. The finale was the best part. The swirls were awesome!”. Another year 5 girl said that she loved the fireworks and that the swirls were her favourite.

On the night, there were lots of different food on offer thanks to the school chef Azdin who prepared delicious meals like hot dogs, hamburgers and even Gluten free options! Smiles were swiftly spread across all the children’s faces thanks to the donuts, candy floss and of course, the light up toys!

It is important to mention that all the money raised from this amazing event will be donated to school through the PAA. This night is special because you can have lots a fun whilst contributing to a great cause.  It’s a win-win! Luckily, everything went according to plan thanks to the wonderful team of school staff and PAA who worked so hard to make this wonderful event so successful.  A big well done and thanks to everyone who helped put together this mesmerizing experience together.