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History Makers Celebrate Success

12th Aug 2021

Holme Grange students have truly embraced a re-imagined final year at school. They have overcome challenges with resilience and enthusiasm, never failing to embody the Holme Grange way: work hard, play fair. This group of students will go down in history, completing their GCSE year throughout a global pandemic and we are pleased and proud to celebrate their achievements together with their families today.

We are incredibly proud that all of our students have fulfilled their potential, whether they started their journey with us in Early Years or more recently. Ella joined us in Nursery and received a fantastic set of results across the board including seven 9s and one 8. Chris arrived at Holme Grange in Year 4 and achieved six 9s, one 8 and a B in Additional Maths. Reuben joined more recently in Year 9 and scored two 9s, four 8s and three 7s.

The Holme Grange Scholarship Programme identifies and rewards talented pupils be that in Art, Music, Sport, Drama, or Academia. We are delighted to see our Scholars achieve the highest grades in their specialist subjects like Rose (Music Scholar) who gained a 9 in Music, while Art Scholar Alice celebrates an 8 in Art. Timi, (Sport) who was recently re-selected for the London Irish Academy, demonstrated excellence not only on the School field, but also with an 8 in P.E. 

Headteacher, Claire Robinson, says ”At Holme Grange we put as much emphasis on celebrating the personal growth, the development of skills, character and mindset of our young people as we do their academic success. Today’s results are testament to the hard work they have put in and cap off an unforgettable year. The breadth of the curriculum we offer is phenomenal and this is reflected in the range of subjects that our students will be studying next year whether that be A levels, BTecs or apprenticeships. Finally, I would like to thank the staff for the exceptional effort that went into compiling this year’s grades. Their hard work and dedication to integrity also deserves enormous credit.”

One Holme Grange parent said “My son was quite anxious, but he need not have been, because he surpassed our expectations.” 

We look forward to celebrating the achievements of our newest alumni next term at our GCSE Awards evening. As our Head Boy, Max, said in his speech on the last day of term,, “we have put our stamp on Holme Grange and will always remain part of the School”.

These are outstanding results and we are so proud of our Year 11 cohort.