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The House System

Every pupil is allocated a House when they join the School and they will remain in these houses during their time here. There are four Houses named after rivers: Thames, Trent, Severn and Kennet.

House points are awarded by teachers for good work and effort. Children are rewarded with house points for good behaviour and effort or for putting the Holme Grange Learning Habits and Values into practice.

We have a number of Inter House competitions throughout the academic year, our past pupils always remember these with great fondness.  We also hold various fundraising events and awards are given to each house for the most collected, encouraging them to think of others and be positive global citizens.  The most coveted Prize of the academic year is the House Cup.

“I really feel looked after at Holme Grange. The Tutor and House system help support me as a person not just how I’m performing academically.” Y11 Pupil