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Challenge For All


‘Challenge For All’ is our constant challenge to both pupils and staff to strive for greater things.

We want:

  • Pupils to be the best version of themselves
  • Staff to offer every one of our pupils the very best teaching
  • The school to offer the highest standards of pastoral care and offer the widest range of quality extra curricular opportunities

Challenge is simply not the preserve for the top X% of performers in our school. We, at Holme Grange are committed to ensuring that “Challenge” – it’s a thing for us, so we’ve capitalised it – is a facet of each child’s educational experience. That’s why we invest in working with educational experts to help develop and keep up to date our professional knowledge and skills. Learning certainly isn’t just for the pupils and we see ourselves as a learning community. Do ask us about the latest projects we’re working on in research groups – we’d be delighted to tell you about them.

“A smooth sea never made a skilful sailor.”

Don’t just take our word for it: In 2018 Holme Grange was reaccredited the prestigious NACE Challenge Award for More Able, Gifted and Talented Pupils. This Award is given for high quality work by the whole school, teachers and governors, in challenging all pupils, including those with high abilities, to achieve their best and in November 2018 we became the Regional Hub for NACE and now run sessions and oversee research and development in our area.