Finding Futures – World of Work Day

Holme Grange pupils involved in the Finding Futures programme with Yes Futures, spent the day at the Hewlett Packard offices in Bracknell last week. This trip is their ‘World of Work’ experience and is designed to give the students an experience of specific place of work. Ten children from another Primary school taking part in the programme joined the students for this trip and there was much excitement to see familiar faces from the residential weekend.

The children were impressed with the size of the offices and got to meet lots of different people from the HP team. The pupils learnt about the history of HP as a company and heard from sales managers and interns about their roles and the journeys that led them to where they are now. Everyone enjoyed a product showcase and got to feel different laptop models to compare their features. They were even allowed to connect to some HP ‘sprockets’ to print some photos throughout the day!

All of the team members had different messages to communicate to the students around the importance of hard work, determination, and the resilience to know that it’s OK to make mistakes. Hearing about their experiences and journeys to their roles was inspiring. It was also wonderful to hear how the four talents the Finding Futures programme seeks to develop- confidence, communication, resilience and self-awareness, were key features of what each team member felt they needed to be good at their job.

The trip also put the students to the test as they were put into 4 groups and given the challenge to come up with an idea for a device to fit in with today and tomorrow’s world. It could be as creative and innovative as they liked and we certainly had some impressive ideas! The groups presented their products to the audience and explained what was unique about their product, who it was for, and how they would market it. We had some very professional presentations and this was the perfect opportunity for the students to apply some of the skills they have been developing throughout the Finding Futures programme. They were all buzzing from the visit and thoroughly enjoyed making notes throughout the day in their HP notepads. An inspiring visit all round!