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Adopting creative and varied approaches in our teaching we aim to instil the basics of good reading and comprehension skills and create fluent writers who demonstrate a good command of grammar and accurate spelling. Put broadly, the aim is for pupils to feel confident in expressing themselves using the English language and to encourage a lifelong love of the world of literature.

The English department at Holme Grange aims to be creative, inspiring and inclusive; we teach in a combination of mixed ability groupings and sets depending on the age and the stage of education of the pupils concerned. We are passionate about literature and all classes regularly study class novels and consequently develop the skills required for English Literature long before KS4 and GCSEs loom on the horizon. Having worked in partnership with the Royal Shakespeare Company staff are trained in teaching Shakespeare through active approaches; all pupils in the school from Nursery to GCSE experience the thrill of learning through a Shakespeare play annually. Pupils have access to specialist staff from the age of 9 and expectations are high. To complement classroom learning pupils are regularly experience theatre and residential visits to enhance their understanding of texts.

The successful study of English must be central to the education of pupils. Children must be given the ability to access and use the English language confidently and skillfully. English enables pupils to understand, interpret, talk and write about the world around them, to understand their heritage, and to study other subjects in the school curriculum.

From Year 5 to 8 the children are taught by specialist English teachers and are grouped according to ability. Children continue their study of English language and begin the more structured approach and critical analysis associated with English Literature. By the end of Year 8 all pupils will have studied at least two Shakespeare plays and four children’s classics along with a selection of more modern texts and a wide range of poetry. During Years 7 and 8 students are introduced to classical writers such as Dickens, Austen and Hardy and will study amongst others the poems of the First World War .

For GCSE Holme Grange pupils take English Language and English Literature IGCSE through the EDEXCEL Board.