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Year 7 and 8

The first two years of Eaton Grange – Years 7 & 8 are vital, developing leadership opportunities and challenges; creativity and problem solving. During Years 7 & 8 the work ethic is truly developed . An ability to work independently and master study skills ensures that pupils are well prepared for the opportunities that senior school brings. Many are pleased to find they are academically ahead of peers at other schools.

Our curriculum, which is based on the Independent Schools’ Common Entrance 13+ Syllabus has been redesigned to give greater emphasis to the excitement of learning, passion for subjects and the acquisition of essential skills such as computing, comprehension and investigational techniques. By streaming and setting pupils in many subjects, we are able to differentiate according to their strengths and weaknesses. This greater flexibility in what is being taught and examined allows us to cater more effectively for the individual, extending the academically able and offering support to those that need more help.

For those who require it, we prepare students for the 13+ Common Entrance examinations and have a successful record of gaining scholarships and awards to a range of top class independent schools and also to local grammar schools at 13.

Thus, the emphasis is on understanding rather than just acquiring factual knowledge. We believe that this approach will provide strong foundations for what is taught in Senior Schools in Year 9 and the children will have acquired the learning skills needed at GCSE, the International Baccalaureate or standard A levels.

Our curriculum and teaching allows us to prepare individual pupils for a wide range of senior schools, some of whom require pupils to sit the Common Entrance Examination in some or all subjects, whilst others have their own transfer examinations or assessments. many will chose to remain at Holme Grange and continue with their academic success with us to GCSE.

Some pupils are encouraged to sit Academic Scholarships to their chosen senior school and we are always willing to discuss with parents how best we can prepare your child for these Examinations.

Further, many schools are now looking for pupils with Outstanding Talent to apply for specific scholarships in areas such as Art, Design & Technology, Drama, Music and Sport. Some schools also offer All-Rounder Awards. During Year 7, pupils with specific talents in these areas will be encouraged to develop their abilities and interests beyond the classroom in activity and after-school club sessions.

Our parents say:

“Deciding whether to keep our child on at Holme Grange for Years 7 & 8 was a hard decision to make but I have never looked back…it was by far the best decision.”