As a smaller school we have a distinctive ethos, which allows us to give much more individual care and attention to our students and to monitor and motivate them as they seek to make academic and personal progress.

We have high expectations of all our pupils and expect them to do their best in all aspects of school life, academically, with respect to their conduct and behaviour, and in all their involvement in extra-curricular activities

“The G.C.S.E. offering from Holme Grange made it a much easier decision to make. Given that the quality of pupils’ achievements has been excellent to 13, I see no reason why this will not be continued to 16. I hope we can secure a place….”

The GCSE option system allows considerable flexibility. It is expected that most students will study for 10 GCSEs.

The Curriculum

The current landscape of GCSEs is currently changing. The government policy is for GCSE to become less coursework based and more knowledge based – as a linear course which has a final examination at the end. There is also an increased emphasis on academic subjects which will become more demanding.

At Holme Grange we feel that whatever the changing political landscape, students should benefit from a range of courses taught to the highest level by outstanding teachers and this will never change. We feel that our range of courses provides students with the broad high quality academic background which is required to be successful in later life.

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    To this end, all students will follow the following “core” curriculum of English, English Literature, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics. In addition you will need to choose a Modern Foreign Language (MFL) and either Religious Studies, History or Geography.

    Your child will then be able to choose two other subjects from the options available (Three if double award science is chosen as opposed to three single sciences) .

    We will try to give them their first choices, though this may not be possible in every case. We therefore ask the student that  a reserve subject be nominated in case the initial choice is unavailable.

    Optional Subject choices may include:

    • Art
    • Design Technology (Product Design)
    • A further language
    • An additional humanities subject
    • Computer Science
    • PE (Sport will be available on the timetable irrespective of whether it is studies as a GCSE subject)
    • Drama
    • Music

    Other subjects may be added as the Senior Department grows.