Holme Grange has a strong commitment to Years 7 to 11, underpinned by the belief that during these years pupils develop into adolescence in a familiar and nurturing environment. This results in confident individuals who are ready to take on life’s challenges.

Holme Grange is an extraordinarily special place and I hope that you will quickly form a strong first impression of the friendly, happy and exciting atmosphere that pervades the school. As a smaller school we have a distinctive ethos, which allows us to give much individual care and attention to our students and to monitor and motivate them as they seek to make academic and personal progress.

We have high expectations of all our pupils and expect them to do their best in all aspects of school life, academically, with respect to their conduct and behaviour, and in all their involvement in extra-curricular activities

“Holme Grange has been very good for him. They try to cater for the individual and they encourage kindness all round.”

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    The relationships around the school as the staff and pupils go about their daily lives is evident. We have a happy, relaxed atmosphere, wrought through with friendliness and friendship, smiles and good humour.

    Every boy and girl at Holme Grange truley matters to all the staff who are passionate about what they do – about helping every single pupil who comes here to discover the excitement and the joy of learning; passionate about ensuring we draw out their strengths, their talents and their gifts in whatever field they might be found; and, above all, through the ups and downs of young adulthood we are passionate about nurturing them so they have the very best opportunities we can provide to prepare them for adult life

    Pupils embrace the responsibilities and leadership skills that come with being seniors in the school, and can earn positions such as Head Boy or Girl, Head Boy or Girl of Sport and Prefects, among others. Privileges, such as a common room, further develop a sense of self worth and moral responsibility.

    Eaton Grange is an important time for personal and academic development. In Year 7 & 8 we they provide a bridge between the nurturing primary years and challenging secondary years. Staying in a child-centred environment at a crucial time in a young persons development, brings lifelong rewards. Our pupils are encouraged in all aspects of school life and given opportunities to flourish academically, personally, in sport and in the creative arts.

    We enjoy witnessing our pupils develop, as they grow in confidence and self belief. We value every achievement, however small. By the time they leave, whether that be at 13 or 16, each child is well placed to take on new challenges and are socially and emotionally equipped for the challenges ahead. Their study skills and learning habits acquired ensure they are well prepared for the future.

    Our commitment to personalised learning and tutorial system provides our pupils with an invaluable advantage as they move onto the next stages of their educational journey, which they face with confidence as independent learners with a determination to succeed.The opportunities available to our young students are quite unique and all our pupils make outstanding progress as they work with the tutorial system not normally met until young people study for ‘A’ levels.

    Leadership skills are nurtured as we equip them successfully to meet the challenges of the 21st century learner.From September 2015 we will be extending the age range of our school to 16. The accelerated progress our pupils make prepares them well for their GCSEs at 16 and we are confident our students will continue with their positive learning trajectory as they prepare for these examinations. Holme Grange has developed strong relationships with many Independent Schools which enables us to work with parents to guide them to the right one for their child, whether that be at 13 or 16. Just as no two schools are the same, neither are the young people entering them – our independence in this area is seen as a strength of Holme Grange School.We truly believe in the benefits of our school environment where young people gain the essential skills necessary to enable them to succeed with any future educational journey.